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Delphi Basic

Course overview

This two-day Delphi training course will introduce you to the current version of the Object Pascal programming language and the Integrated Development Environment (IDE).

Following a short introduction to the basic principles of Object Oriented Programming you will be taught the  fundamentals of programming with Delphi like:
  - Introduce Pascal as a programming language to implement object oriented systems.
  - Design and implement classes, using inheritance to specialize features of those classes.
  - A quick overview of the built-in object hierarchy.
  - Introduction to various loops like for -, while- and repeat loops.
  - Introduction to procedures and functio ns.
  - Introduction to database applications with livebindings.
  - The major objective to the course is to give you enough knowledge and hands-on experience to be able to build simple object oriented programs.

This training is aimed at programmers who want to get a thorough and sound introduction to Delphi and programming in Delphi.

The course requires at least some experience in any other programming language. Function-, procedure- or object oriented language.

Practical Exercises
Throughout the course there will be a mix of theoretical teaching (projector and whiteboard) and practical exercises, with as much hands-on as possible.

For a full agenda, click here

The course is created and held by Jens Fudge. Jens has more than 15 years of experience of Delphi and arranging trainings. Due to his deep knowledge within Delphi he has been promoted to be Delphi MVP by Embarcadero. Jens is on the board of the Danish Delphi users group Dapug, and in charge of getting speakers to the bi-annually Workshop. The training is held in English and the training material is in English.

2 days

26-27 May, 2020

Stockholm, Aktiviteten, Kungsbron 21

9.950 SEK / NOK + VAT

What participants say about this training:
"The Delphi Pascal programming language is an amazing language. It is also a very efficient native and portable programming language. This course provides a very good introduction of Delphi Pascal on which you can build upon."

"Bra kurs för en medel/nybörjare. Lite förkunskap i delphi är bra att ha. Och i objekt orienterad programmering. Men mycket informativ kurs och bra uppgifter och exempel som man får med sig på usb minne och i häfte."
-Johan Melin

Termin Eigenschaften

Datum, Uhrzeit 26. Mai 2020, 9:00
Termin-Ende 27. Mai 2020, 16:00
Einzelpreis 9950 SEK / NOK + VAT
Ort Stockholm, Aktiviteten
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