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The Next-Generation Data Scientist

Please join us at 'The Next-Generation Data Scientist’ on September 24th at 3pm CET.

Regster here: https://web.altair.com/en/en/the-next-generation-data-scientist

As one of our panellists, Pedro Pinto Coelho, CEO, Banco BNI Europa put it:

“As data becomes a more accurate reflection of our digital footprint, data scientists will have a whole new world to explore and help us build more complex and accurate models”

With that in mind, we'd love you to join us to discuss the topic that Gartner has included in the ‘Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends for 2020’. We will explore what this topic means to different organisations, real world applications and what it takes to build a next-generation data scientist. Our speaker line-up also includes:

  • Thomas Berngruder, Director of Data Analytics & Development, Jyske Bank
  • Antti Myllymaki, Head of Artificial Intelligence, OP Financial Group
  • Georges Masourati, Chief Analytics and Credit Officer, Northmill Bank
  • Daniel Gebler, CTO, Picnic Technologies

We’ll also open the floor for a Q&A and there will be a chance to feed into our poll questions to shape this discussion. We look forward to seeing you there and hearing from you live on the day.

Arrangement oversigt

Start dato 24. Sep 2020, 15:00
Slut dato 24. Sep 2020, 16:00
Pris Gratis
Det foregår Online