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Over 8,000 businesses around the world use LANSA to develop, maintain and integrate their business applications faster and better. LANSA has a 30-year track record of enabling customers to magnify the ROI of their IT spend. While most other development and integration tools have come and gone over the years, our customers have easily transitioned their applications into new technologies.

LANSA dramatically improves IT developer productivity and is the only platform that offers a combination of professional low-code development, integration and legacy modernization technologies. By simplifying the creation, delivery, integration, and maintenance of business systems, LANSA customers can more quickly react to business needs and produce, innovative and durable IT solutions.

Besides the two most common LANSA products (Visual LANSA and LANSA Composer) LANSA has a wide portfolio of offerings including:

  • LANSA Integrator
  • LANSA Data Sync Direct
  • SyncManager
  • LANSA Commerce Edition
  • LANSA Client
  • LANSA Open of .NET
  • Aces
  • LANSA ERP Frameworks
  • LongRange
  • RAMP



Short description of the complete LANSA Portfolio:

LANSA Integrator

Data integration software that connects applications and businesses LANSA Integrator

LANSA Integrator simplifies exchanging data between applications and transferring files and documents between businesses. It enables bi-directional flows of data and/or files in almost any format including XML, text, image, email, PDF, Microsoft Excel, EDI X12 and EDIFACT.

LANSA Data Sync Direct

Aggregate, Validate and Communicate

LANSA Data Sync Direct is a solution for product information management and Global Data Synchronization Network participation with GS1 compliant messaging for demand and supplyside transactions.


SaaS solution designed to manage master data within and between enterprises

SyncManager is a SaaS solution to manage enterprise master data. It validates data quality against industry standards, shares data with customers, suppliers etc. and synchronizes data between systems and GS1.

LANSA Commerce Edition

Customer self-service solution for ERP systems without duplication or replication of business rules, pricing or data

LANSA Commerce Edition is a suite of Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business components built upon LANSA’s powerful application development platform and tools. Using a framework approach, LANSA Commerce Edition rapidly generates cross-platform eBusiness applications which leverage your existing ERP system.

LANSA Client

Desktop query builder and reporting tool

LANSA Client gives business users access to enterprise data on Windows and IBM i servers. Query, report, and analyze data from a single tool with unparalleled ease-of-use via a graphical user interface. Copy data to popular spreadsheets or other tools for extended analysis. Dramatically reduce the application development backlog by empowering users with the tools to create their own reports.

LANSA Open of .NET

.NET provider for IBM i simplifies access to IBM i resources for Microsoft .NET developers

LANSA Open for .NET allows developers to write .NET applications that take advantage of resources on the IBM i without leaving Visual Studio. It is a Visual Studio plugin that gives .NET developers the means to incorporate IBM i services (including data and programs) in Windows rich-client and Web applications. The developer views the IBM i data and programs as resources within Visual Studio.


Modernize IBM i applications without changing a single line of code

aXes automatically transforms 5250 applications into browser-based applications and includes tools to customize and modernize the design and layout of the user interface. The latest release of aXes 4.2.0 includes a new and improved HTTP web server for faster performance, as well as numerous design and security enhancements that allow IBM i customers to more easily web-enable their existing applications.

LANSA ERP Frameworks

Open source enterprise resource planning software for IBM i LANSA ERP Frameworks

LANSA's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is an open source enterprise resource planning software solution for IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400). It is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide business solution with rich business functionality, an Executive Dashboard, Advanced Workflow, Desktop Integration, and flexible End User Queries and Reports – giving you the visibility you need to gain control and make educated business decisions.


Native Mobile App Development for IBM i

Use LongRange and RPG/COBOL to develop native mobile apps tha extend your IBM i business processes to users of mobile devices. Utilize capabilities such as GPS sensors, camera/scanner, offline-storage and more.


Revolutionizing 5250 Application Modernization

LANSA’s Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) is the solution for legacy system modernization that addresses both your immediate tactical needs and strategic long-term modernization requirements. RAMP is a reengineering tool that lets you rapidly consolidate your 5250 applications into a graphical application framework to create composite applications. You can then incrementally replace your 5250 programs with new components in a timeframe that makes sense to your organization.

Visual LANSA

Low-code without low-code limitations

Visual LANSA’s low-code development platform enables developers to build multi-experience applications spanning mobile, web and desktop in days instead of months. In an era where development complexity is at an all-time high, Visual LANSA simplifies how developers work by minimizing hand-coding and eliminating supporting multiple development languages and frameworks.

LANSA Composer

Code-free Business Process Integration

LANSA Composer delivers business process integration technology in a visual environment so business analysts, rather than developers, can integrate and automate business processes. It is a simple and cost-effective way to get business transactions in and out of your business systems with less human effort.



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