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Code-free Business Process Integration

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LANSA Composer delivers business process integration technology in a visual environment so business analysts, rather than developers, can integrate and automate business processes. It is a simple and cost-effective way to get business transactions in and out of your business systems with less human effort.



What is LANSA Composer?

LANSA Composer is a design and execution platform for integrating business activities involving transport, data transformation and custom business processing. It satisfies the four key requirements of a business process integration solution:
• Transport – moving data between source and target.
• Transformation – mapping data between many different formats.
• Process Orchestration – sequential and conditional execution of process flow.
• Administration – auditing, error-handling, logging, security and system operations.

LANSA Composer is compatible with all common interfaces; like Web services, EDI, FTP and email. Smart processes handle unexpected events and interrupted sequences can resume from the point of failure and run to completion without loss of data or transaction integrity.

What can LANSA Composer do?

Using LANSA Composer, business analysts assemble business processes to do the following:
• Exchange business information and transactions in common and agreed formats with trading partners, internal business units and other business applications on the same or different computing platforms.
• Transform business information between XML, EDI (UN/EDIFACT and ANSI X12), HL7 (legacy EDI and XML V3.x), XBRL, JSON, Excel, text and database formats.
• Invoke Web services, whether publicly available, published by trading partners or internal to your organization.
• Orchestrate transport, data transformation and other activities, pass variable data between them and apply conditional and structural directives to create multi-step business processes that can be executed and managed as a single unit. Business analysts use a simple process design canvas to wrap business logic as activities and combine them with industry standard data transformation and transport services to create business processes. Administrators and operations staff use the Document Manager to monitor and manage the transaction document flows. LANSA Composer is built on LANSA Integrator which provides the services to support virtually every transport mechanism and data format you might encounter.



The benefits of LANSA Composer

Automated processes reduce costs by minimizing the need for human intervention and managing exceptions. LANSA Composer boosts productivity by providing most of the activities companies need for business process integration. With ready-made activities business analysts assemble the processes without writing program code. Assembling a process is faster than writing program code to manage the process.

Because business analysts assemble processes, changing the processes is a straightforward task. Therefore, the processes are more readily adaptable to changes in business activity. In contrast, hard coded processes require developers to write new code and/or rewrite existing code before the process can change. Processes are less adaptable when more people are involved in implementing the changes.


Who should use it?

LANSA Composer is intended for use by business analysts to design and implement data transformation and business process integration solutions. Orchestrating transport, data transformation and many other tasks is accomplished using a visual user interface with drag-and-drop capability. A comprehensive range of built-in activities makes it possible for non-programmers to create simple solutions to complex problems without coding.



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