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ExtAngular provides all the components a developer needs to build data-intensive web apps using Angular. You get components that interact seamlessly, and are professionally built, tested and maintained.

ExtAngular includes a comprehensive set of 115+ components for Angular developers, including grid, tree grid, pivot grid, charts, D3 visualizations, trees, calendar, buttons, menus and more.



What is ExtAngular

ExtAngular includes a comprehensive set of 115+ components for Angular developers, including grid, tree grid, pivot grid, charts, D3 visualizations, trees, calendar, buttons, menus and more. All components are professionally tested and supported, and designed to work together. ExtAngular enables developers to deliver applications to market faster while reducing integration and maintenance risks.

Key Features

115+ High-Performance Configurable UI Components
ExtAngular offers more than 115 UI components that are fully supported and designed to interact and work together seamlessly over the lifetime of the application.

Grid enables organizations to handle millions of records and provides built-in functionality such as sorting, grouping, filtering, locking, and summary rows.
Pivot Grid enables developers to add powerful analytics functionality to Angular applications – allowing users to summarize and analyze data to make more informed decisions.
Exporter enables users to export data from the standard grid or Pivot Grid to a wide variety of common formats including XLSX, XML, CSV, TSV, and HTML for additional analysis and information sharing.
Layouts ensures the proper sizing and positioning of all components with the powerful and flexible layout system.
Charts lets developers visually represent data with a broad range of dynamic and static charts — including line, bar, and pie charts.Browser variations are handled automatically, so the charts always display beautifully.
D3 enables developers to add sophisticated D3 visualizations including heatmaps, treemaps, and sunbursts to their applications. The D3 adapter enables developers to work with any example in the D3 library.
Forms and Form Validation makes it easy for teams to add login, checkout, register, contact, rating forms and more to their web application. Form validation helps ensure the integrity of the data.
Calendar lets developers add a sophisticated calendar to their web applications so users can easily view and manage schedules and events within the application.
Buttons, Tabs, Menus and Panels enable organizations to add simple or sophisticated components to their applications quickly and easily.

Back-end Agnostic Data Package and Powerful Data Management
A robust data package decouples the UI components from the data layer. The data package is protocol agnostic, and can access data from any back-end source. Buffered rendering efficiently handles massive data sets with ease.

Layout Manager and Responsive Configurations
A flexible layout manager helps to organize the display of data and content across multiple browsers, devices, and screen sizes. It helps developers to control the display of components, even for the most complex user interfaces.

Adaptive and Responsive Design
Enables teams to build immersive user engagement by using layouts and adaptive design features.

Theming Made Easy
Developers can use the built-in Material design inspired theme, eliminating the need to construct custom styles and making it easy to create a fresh, modern user experience with minimal effort. Themes can also be easily modified or extended within Sencha Themer, enabling both developers and designers to create compelling themes without writing a single line of code. Fonts, colors, and padding can all be modified with ease to make components fit the motif of the application.

Keyboard Navigation and Focus Management
Enable users to easily navigate the application and improve web application accessibility.


• Accelerates time to market as developers can leverage 115+ professionally tested and supported UI components
• Increases developer productivity and enables them to deliver visually stunning web applications faster
• Reduces dependencies and ongoing maintenance burdens



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