DB PowerStudio

Simplify cross-platform database development, administration, and performance tuning 



DB PowerStudio is a highly-intuitive toolset that helps simplify cross-platform database administration, development, and performance tuning.

Designed for database teams that work in mixed DBMS environments, DB PowerStudio complements native tools with critical capabilities such as database change management and SQL optimization and tuning. DB PowerStudio comes complete with support for all popular DBMSes, including Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, DB2, and more. Whether it’s producing on-the-fly, DBMS-specific language conversions or creating new users across the entire enterprise, consistent workflows make it easy to extend one’s expertise into less familiar DBMSes.

Take your database administration and development capabilities to the next level with visual diagnostics that not only help you pinpoint problematic queries, but also determine best solutions. A unique Visual SQL Tuner saves hours or days of time when tuning problematic SQL. You’ll also enjoy deep change management functionality for cordinating database changes across the development life cycle, or for enforcing database configuration standards across your entire enterprise.


New Features

PowerStudio Developer Edition 

The Visual Advantage - Fast, Accurate, SQL Code with Rapid SQL
Fast, Visual SQL Tuning with DB Optimizer
Database Change Management Made Simple with DB Change Manager

PowerStudio DBA Edition

Faster, Smarter Database Administration and Change Management with DBArtisan and DB Change Manager
Maximize Database Performance and Availability with DBArtisan and DB Optimizer
Tune your database with DB Optimizer

Please see specific product for new features


PowerStudio is offered in two version, Developer Edition and DBA Edition

DB PowerStudio, Developer Edition

DB PowerStudio, Developer Edition includes everything you need to improve quality and performance at
each stage of the application development life cycle.

Write High Quality SQL Code Faster with Rapid SQL®
• Move effortlessly from managing a SQL Server or Sybase ASE schema to managing an Oracle schema and vice-versa
• Debug programmable objects such as stored procedures, functions and triggers
• Simplify SQL scripting, query building, object management, project management, and version control in live databases or offline source repositories Visually Tune SQL against the database with DB Optimizer.
• Relate resource utilization to specific queries, and visually tune the problematic SQL using Visual SQL Tuning Diagrams
• Analyze and tune complex SQL statements, including bind variables
• Access robust reporting with execution statistics, profiling details, predicate analysis and explain plans Simplify Database Change Management with DB Change Manager.
• Work with multiple DBMS brands and versions from a single toolset
• Compare your development and test servers to quickly identify changes and generate the synch scripts to correct any problems
• Mask test data in order to comply with privacy laws

DB PowerStudio, DBA Edition

DB PowerStudio, DBA Edition provides DBArtisan® for advanced database administration capabilities, as well as the ability to schedule and run multiple change management jobs at any time.

Simplify Database Administration and Change Management with DBArtisan and DB Change Manager
• Work with multiple DBMS brands and versions from a single toolset
• Easily carry out complex actions such as schema extraction, schema migration, and data load and unload
• Compare a live database to a schema or configuration “snapshot” to quickly identify changes and correct problems Maximize Database Performance and Availability with DBArtisan and DB Optimizer
• Use the optional DBArtisan Performance Analyst, Capacity Analyst and Space Analyst to see detailed metrics that identify performance, capacity planning, and storage management issues before they become problems
• Eliminate performance bottlenecks by visually profiling key metrics inside the database (CPU, I/O, wait times), by relating resource utilization to specific queries, and by helping you visually tune problematic SQL
• Use powerful database monitors, intelligent diagnostic information and strong drill-down details to quickly find and fix performance issues



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