How to export your EndNote library to Excel

In this article we will show you how you can export your EndNote library and references to an Excel sheet.

Alfasoft has created an EndNote output style with a procedure that makes it possible to export your EndNote library, or selected references from your EndNote library, to an Excel sheet.

Export EndNote library to Excel procedure

Download and add the EndNote Output style file “Alfasoft Excel Export” to your EndNote.

  1. Download the file from:
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to open it in your EndNote.
  3. EndNote: File > Save as. Choose the name “Alfasoft Excel Export”, and click Ok.

Open your EndNote library, and select the references you want to export to Excel

  1. If you want to export all references in your library you do not have to select any.
  2. Do a search or click a group to view your references.
  3. Ctrl+A to select all references in view.
  4. Click first/top reference, and then Shift+click last/bottom reference to select references in sequence.

Export your library/selected references to a text file

  1. EndNote: File > Export.
  2. File name: Enter your chosen filename
  3. Save as type: Text file (*.txt)
  4. Output style: “Alfasoft Excel Export”.
  5. If this is first time using this style you must select “Select another style” from the drop-down list, and then find and choose “Alfasoft Excel Export” from the list.
  6. Uncheck the “Export Selected References” if you want to export all references in your library.

Open and copy all text in the exported text file

  1. Open the exported text file in Notepad (or other text editor).
  2. Ctrl+A to select all the text in the text file.
  3. Ctrl+C to copy all the text in the text file.

Open a new document in Microsoft Word and paste the text

  1. Ctrl+V to paste all the text from the text file into your Word document.

Replace every paragraph break in the text with a semicolon

  1. Word [Home]: Replace
  2. Find what: ^p
  3. Replace with: ;

Add a paragraph break after each reference

  1. Word [Home]: Replace
  2. Find what: alfabreak;
  3. Replace with: ^p

Copy and paste the text to an Excel Sheet

  1. Word: Ctrl+A to select all text in your Word document.
  2. Word: Ctrl+C to select all text in your Word document.
  3. (Download and) Open the Excel document “alfasoft-endnote-header.xlsx”:
  4. Click the cell A2, and then Ctrl+V to paste the references into your Excel sheet.

For more options (8.) you can instead paste the text back into a text file and save. Then open Excel, and choose File > Open, and open the text file (remember to choose File type = Text file, in the Excel file open window). Choose Delimited (Tab) and File origin = “65001 : Unicode (UTF-8)” as defaults/first try.


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