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Intel Code Modernization AI Workshop

intel workshop new

Join us for two days of deep-dive sessions into HPC, Parallel Programming, Artificial Intelligence and Machine & Deep Learning. A unique opportunity to experience the latest tools, coding knowledge and best practices for software development aimed at scientific and technical computing, computer vision, image and pattern recognition, autonomous vehicles and big data analytics.

Day 1 – Technical Computing
A full day of technical sessions dedicated to Technical Computing, HPC, parallel programming, vectorization, performance optimization on Intel platforms for developers using C/C++, Fortran and Python.

Day 2 – Artificial Intelligence
A full day of technical sessions dedicated to Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning showing how these technologies can be implemented on existing and upcoming CPUs and how performance can be scaled to any workload!

The event is free of charge. Please register your place early as spaces to the event are limited.

Here is why you should attend this workshop:

  • Learn about practical Machine Learning and Deep Learning on Intel platforms
  • Learn from experts during in depth technical sessions in the areas of High Performance Computing, Numerical Simulation to Machine Learning, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence
  • Learn how to super-charge your Python codes
  • Find out more about roofline profiling with Intel Advisor
  • Learn about the current and future technologies from Intel, including next generation Intel® Xeon and Intel® Xeon Phi™ (aka Knights Landing) processors, and also the 3D XPoint™ memory technology and the Intel® Omni-Path Fabric.
  • Learn how to maximize the performance of parallel code using C / C++, Python or Fortran on Intel® platforms with relevant and actionable information.
  • Meet and network with your peers from the industry and with software development experts and leaders from Intel.
  • The agenda has been strongly updated since the Stockholm/Copenhagen workshop in June 2017, so even if you attended that one it certainly does make sense to join us again

Details about the workshop can be found at www.alfabib.com/filer/Intel-Code-Mod-Workshop-AI-agenda-Oslo.pdf

Date & Time:
Tuesday, February 6th
9.15 – 17.15
Wednesday, February 7th
9.15 – 16.30

Scandic Solli
Parkveien 68
0260 Oslo

Event Info

Startdato 06. feb 2018, 9:00
Sluttdato 07. feb 2018, 17:15
Pris Gratis
Sted Oslo (Norway)
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