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Analyzing interval-censored survival-time data in Stata

In survival analysis, right-censored data have been studied extensively and can be analyzed using Stata's comprehensive suite of survival commands, including commands such as streg for fitting parametric survival models. However, not all survival data are right-censored. Right-censored data are a special case of interval-censored data. Interval-censoring occurs when the failure time of interest is not exactly observed but is only known to lie within some interval. Left-censoring, which occurs when the failure is known to happen sometime before the observed time, is also a special case of interval-censoring. Survival data may contain a mixture of uncensored, right-censored, left-censored, and interval-censored observations.

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Join Xiao Yang, Senior Statistician and Software Developer, as she describes basic types of interval-censored data and demonstrates how to fit parametric survival models to these data using Stata's new stintreg command. She will also discuss how to interpret and plot results and how to graphically evaluate goodness of fit.

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Event Info

Startdato 24. jan 2018, 17:00
Sluttdato 24. jan 2018, 18:00
Pris Gratis
Sted Online