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Database Tools

Application Performance


Accelerate business performance with end-to-end performance monitoring of databases and applications.

Backup and Administration


DBArtisan is an award-winning DBA tool for enterprise-wide database administration. DBArtisan empowers you to manage all of your critical databases running on current versions of IBM DB2, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Snowflake, Sybase and Teradata systems, from a single, consistent, user-friendly interface.

SQL Admin Toolset

Database administrators need simple and quick ways to manage their SQL Server environment. SQL Admin Toolset provides 24 essential desktop tools for SQL Server to save time by simplifying routine administrative and troubleshooting tasks.

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

SQL Enterprise Job Manager monitors and manages SQL Server agent jobs and Windows tasks. The familiar calendar layout makes it easy to view status, manage details, and review history for any job or instance in your environment.

SQL Safe Backup

SQL Safe Backup provides a high-performance backup and recovery solution for SQL server databases

SQL Virtual Database

SQL Virtual Database is driven by a unique, patent-pending recovery technology that makes backup files behave like regular physical databases. This technology allows you to create virtual databases by directly attaching backup files to SQL Server without requiring a restore operation.

SQL Toolbox

SQL Toolbox provides a versatile collection of SQL Server tools, from administration to disaster recovery management and performance tuning.

Data Modeling and Architecture

Enterprise Architect

A fully featured UML modeling environment for workgroups, analysts and developers.


ER/Studio is data architecture and database design software compatible with multiple database platforms and is used by data architects, data modelers, database administrators and business analysts to create and manage database designs, document and reuse data assets.

Database Development

DB Change Manager

DB Change Manager tracks and manages complex database schema changes for multiple platforms from a single user interface. It reveals, tracks, and reports on database changes.

Database Suites

SQL Comparison Toolset

SQL Comparison Toolset provides many different tools to diagnose, administer, and analyze SQL Server instances across your enterprise.

DB PowerStudio

DB PowerStudio provides complete database management and development, from administration andchange management to query tuning and development, for multiple database platforms.

SQL Management Suite

A suite of powerful tools to manage SQL Servers on-premise in the cloud including monitor performance, analyze workload, tune queries, defragment indexes, audit for compliance, manage security, and manage disaster recovery.

SQL Security Suite

Powerful tools to audit and secure SQL Servers and Data

Monitoring and Performance

DB Optimizer

Embarcadero DB Optimizer simplifies SQL optimization and development for application developers with many features for improving productivity and reducing errors. A rich SQL IDE with statement tuning, data source profiling, code completion, real-time error checking, code formatting and sophisticated object validation tools helps streamline coding tasks.

SQL BI Manager

SQL BI Manager provides agentless monitoring of the servers and services for SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, and SQL Server Integration Services.

SQL Defrag Manager

SQL Defrag Manager is a unique SQL Server index defragmentation solution that automates the time-consuming process of finding fragmented indexes based on parameters that you define within a policy for the targeted database.

SQL Diagnostic Manager

SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server is a powerful solution for performance monitoring, alerting, diagnostics, and reporting for Microsoft SQL Server. It proactively notifies administrators to health, performance, and availability problems.

SQL Doctor

SQL Doctor collects SQL Server performance information, analyzes it, and determines the resolution in minutes rather than hours. It leverages proven industry best practices endorsed by SQL Server MVPs to analyze the performance and to provide recommendations.

SQL Inventory Manager

SQL Inventory Manager provides fundamental information on your SQL Server assets to help you track, report on, and manage your database environment from a web-based dashboard.

SQL Toolbox

SQL Toolbox provides a versatile collection of SQL Server tools, from administration to disaster recovery management and performance tuning.

Security and Compliance

SQL Compliance Manager

Simplify your SQL Server audits. SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive auditing solution that uses policy-based algorithms to track changes to your SQL Server objects and data. SQL Compliance Manager gives you detailed visibility to determine who did “what”, “when”, “where”, and “how”, whether the event is initiated by privileged users or hackers.

SQL Secure

IDERA SQL Secure discovers security vulnerabilities and user permissions for SQL Server instances deployed on physical, cloud, and virtual hosts and ensures security policies are enforced across the entire environment.

SQL Database


InterBase is a cost effective, zero administration, and lightweight but powerful embeddable database for your business critical apps.