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Altair Embed

Visual Environment for Embedded System Development


Altair Embed is a powerful tool for nonlinear simulation and model-based firmware development. With Altair Embed, you design, analyze, and simulate using block diagrams and state charts. You can then automatically generate compact and optimized firmware to run on an extensive selection of microcontrollers.

Offering deep support for the most popular on-chip peripherals and libraries for electric motor control, digital power design, analog/digital communications, and image and video processing, Altair Embed lowers development costs by removing the need for manual coding which reduces errors and speeds the edit debug cycle with easy to use Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) capability.


About Altair Embed

Why Embed?

Why Embed?

Prebuilt e-Drive Diagrams

Field-oriented Control (FOC) motor drive diagrams let you quickly spin your motor PMSM, ACI or Synchronous Reluctance motor on your inverter.

Highly Efficient Code

The auto-generated code runs rapidly and produces high-quality results with no need to hand-code in order to speed up the execution of your code.

Test & Verify Embedded Systems

Simulate controller and plant to easily tune your control off-line, then use integrated Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) to debug and tune your control on the embedded target.

Key Features

Tailored for Embedded System Development

Generate efficient and compact ANSI C code for dynamic systems involving scaled, fixed-point operations. Tune parameters and monitor real-time data.

Block Diagrams and State Diagrams

Simulate dynamic systems including continuous or discrete-time behaviors as well as event-based behaviors.


No manual coding required. Automatically convert your block diagrams and state diagrams to microcontroller unit (MCU) hardware-ready code.

Support for Popular Target MCU Hardware

Includes support for a broad range of microcontrollers and processors suited for most industrial and academic applications.

Interactive HIL Testing

Run a plant model in Altair Embed on the host computer while controlling algorithm runs in real-time on the target MCU, communicating via a HOTLink.

Add-ons for Digital Power and Communications

Simulate and generate code for power supply and digital power components and controls. Model end-to-end analog, digital, and mixed-mode communication systems.


Altair Units

To be “all-in” means spending more than three decades pioneering solutions that transform the world. When we developed our patented licensing system, we aimed to put the power of innovation into anyone’s hands, in line with our commitment to democratizing software accessibility. It was revolutionary then, and it’s still revolutionary today. Altair Units have been, and will remain, all-in and always-on – and that’s something nobody else can say.

What do we mean when we say Altair Units are all-in and always-on? It’s simple – users get full access to our software tools whenever they need them, and they can determine when, where, and how they want to use different tools without needing to worry if they’re eligible for access.

Units give users the flexibility to run software anywhere, the freedom to choose what software tools they need when they need them, and unparalleled value that maximizes use and minimizes cost.

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