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Altair SimLab

Multiphysics Workflows with CAD Associativity


SimLab is a process-oriented multidisciplinary simulation environment to accurately analyze the performance of complex assemblies. Multiple physics including structural, thermal and fluid dynamics can be easily setup using highly automated modeling tasks, helping to drastically reduce the time spent creating finite element models and interpreting results. Altair’s robust, accurate and scalable solvers can run either locally, on remote servers or in the cloud,

An intuitive and self-explanatory graphical user interface covers all aspects of the modeling process. Instead of tedious geometry clean-up, work is performed directly on the geometry – imported and updated via the bi-directional CAD coupling – by defining mesh specifications for individual regions.


About Altair SimLab

Why SimLab?

Why SimLab?


Seamlessly perform accurate linear and nonlinear structural, thermal, and computational fluid dynamics analyses locally or in the cloud.


Highly efficient feature recognition algorithms, process-oriented automation templates, and an intuitive GUI dramatically speed up the model build phase.

CAD Coupling

Geometry modifications, part variants, and assembly updates are easily managed via the bi-directional CAD coupling.

Key Features

Robust, Repeatable Simulation Workflows

Increase efficiency of simulation cycles with shareable, robust, and repeatable simulation workflows. Eliminate manual solid meshing, model setup, solver execution, and post-processing for high accuracy and consistency across the organization.

Automation: DOE/Optimization

Automation enables easy setup of results and convergence, design of experiments (DOE), and optimization.

Intuitive User Environment

Solve statics, dynamics, heat transfer, fluid flow, and electromagnetic problems in minutes directly from within SimLab’s intuitive user environment.

Live Syncing to Parametric CAD

Rapidly explore and evaluate design changes on-the-fly with live synching to popular parametric CAD systems including CATIA, Pro/E Siemens NX, and SolidWorks.

Comprehensive Solver Support

A common environment across pre- and post-processing with interfaces to several common FE solvers enables users to be versatile even when projects require to work with various tools.


SimLab enables efficient model setup of multidisciplinary, and multiphysics problems including co-simulation of disciplines, such as structural, CFD, electromagnetics, and thermal analysis.


Altair Units

To be “all-in” means spending more than three decades pioneering solutions that transform the world. When we developed our patented licensing system, we aimed to put the power of innovation into anyone’s hands, in line with our commitment to democratizing software accessibility. It was revolutionary then, and it’s still revolutionary today. Altair Units have been, and will remain, all-in and always-on – and that’s something nobody else can say.

What do we mean when we say Altair Units are all-in and always-on? It’s simple – users get full access to our software tools whenever they need them, and they can determine when, where, and how they want to use different tools without needing to worry if they’re eligible for access.

Units give users the flexibility to run software anywhere, the freedom to choose what software tools they need when they need them, and unparalleled value that maximizes use and minimizes cost.

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