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Stat-Ease 360

More functionality – same awesome interface


Get improvements to your product and process with Stat-Ease® 360. This “pro” version complements the Design-Expert® software with additional features for advanced users. Utilize the same streamlined workflow that makes Design-Expert® best in class for experimental design. Technical professionals who run computer experiments or want to implement Python scripts can now take advantage of all the new functionality. Space-filling design, Gaussian process models, Python scripts and a new logistic classification node make Stat-Ease® 360 a more powerful version of Design-Expert®

Our elite users provided overwhelmingly positive feedback to our unveiling of SE360 at the 2021 Stat-Ease DOE Summit,” says
Martin Bezener, President and CTO of Stat-Ease. “Its new features, particularly the Python tools,
expand the horizon of our software tremendously.Advanced experimenters get all of the powerful and
intuitive features of Design-Expert, plus a lot more.


About Stat-Ease

Stat-Ease 360 (SE360) adds design and analysis of deterministic computer experiments, Python integration and other high-level features to our world-class Design-Expert® software (DX) for design of experiments. SE360’s Python scripting tools make it easy for high-level data analysts to write automated scripts and custom code, thus combining the power of this high-level programming tool with DX’s outstanding capabilities in one seamless workflow.

For those doing R&D with the aid of simulations, SE360’s new Latin hypercube and optimal space-filling designs provide a welcome option to more traditional layouts for non-deterministic experiments. Gaussian process models for deterministic data compliment these new computer-experiment designs. Furthermore, SE360 expands the logistic regression tools introduced in Design-Expert 13 with a classification node that includes ROC curve plots and other graphical assessments for binary outcomes.

Design of Experiments (DOE) Made Powerful

Python Integration

Create Python scripts that interact with Stat-Ease 360. Make use of the entire Python ecosystem to visualize, analyze, and make the most of your data.

Gaussian Process Models

Analyze deterministic responses such as those from computer experiments with Gaussian process models.

Space-Filling Designs: Latin Hypercube & Optimal Distance

These designs have many desirable properties that make them ideal for computer experiments.


What’s New in Stat-Ease 360

Version 13 of Design-Expert® includes many new additions to its design, analysis, and visualization components. All done while keeping our intuitive and easy-to-use interface intact.

New in DX13: Design Space Augmentation Wizard

Expand, contract, or shift your design space to hone in on an optimal area. DX13’s wizard makes this easy for both process and mixture designs. Re-use existing data (or remove some) and make the most out of your experiment!

New in DX13: Poisson Regression

Use Poisson regression to fit more precise models when the response is count data (discrete, non-negative), such as the number of defects per unit or the number of occurrences per time period.

New in DX13: Multiple Analyses

Easily model any response in various ways to easily compare them. Simply press the plus (+) button on the Analysis branch and try different model reduction methods or transformations. Choose the best analysis for achieving optimization goals.


System Requirements

Windows Installation
Minimum hardware and operating system requirements:

Component             Minimum
Processor               1 GHz
Hard Drive              250 MB free space
Memory                  2 GB
Display                   1024×768
Operating system    Windows 8/8.1/Windows 10

macOS Installation
Minimum hardware and operating system requirements:

Component             Minimum
Processor                1 GHz
Hard Drive              250 MB free space
Memory                  2 GB
Display                   1024×768
Operating system    MacOS 10.12 or higher

License Options



  • Maintenance Updates
  • New Version Upgrades
  • Email Support



  • 3, 5, or 10 floating seats
  • Floating seat – Design-Expert® will contact a licensed server to check a seat while the program is running. The software can be installed on any number of workstations, but only 3, 5 or 10 users can use the software at a time. See the documentation for the license server information
  • Maintenance Updates
  • New Version Upgrades
  • Email Support



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Please describe your problem as detailed as possible when contacting our support. Remember to always inform about your serial-/license number, product version and your operating system.

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