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Essential Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams Mind Map guide

    Here are some essential tips and tricks to help you master Teams and get the most out of this powerful communication platform.



    You can customize your experience through a range of settings. Among these settings are options for changing your profile picture, adjusting the theme, and managing general notifications.

    • Change your profile picture
      Click your profile icon/picture (top-right), and then click your profile icon/picture in the drop-down menu.
    • Change the theme and general notifications
      Click (…) to the left of your profile picture > Settings > General/Notifications


    • Ctrl+E to search all
    • Ctrl+F to search the current channel.
    • Ctrl+Shift+M to mute/unmute yourself
    • Type / in the search field to quickly change your status.

    Teams and Channels

    When creating a new channel, you can make it private and add only a few people from the team. You can also add guests (people outside your company) by typing in the email.

    • Rename Tabs
      Right-click the tab name, and choose Rename.
    • Show app/doc in a new tab
      Click + and choose an app and a file to show in your new tab.

    Chats and posts

    Please note that you can click the Format button to get extra formatting options for your message.

    • Mark a message as important. (…)
    • Post to multiple channels. (Select channels)
    • Convert to an announcement. (New conversation)
    • @ mention multiple people to make sure they are notified.
    • @ mention the channel(s) name to notify everyone in the channel(s).
    • Pin a post and later click the (i) icon to see your pinned messages.
    • Save messages (…) and find them by clicking your profile picture > Saved.
    • Send a message to a person from the Search field by typing @name.
    • Pop-out chats into separate windows. (top-right arrow icon)
    • Use the Forms app to add polls.


    Remember to turn on Recording if you want to make the recording available later! Remember to turn on System audio if you plan to play a video or audio file during your presentation.

    • Start a meeting directly from within Team or Channel.
    • Schedule a meeting in a team/channel; it will be available as a post and scheduled in your calendar.
    • Suppress the message notification preview, so you and others only see message notifications and no text.
      … (top-right) > Settings > Notifications > (turn off) Show message preview

    PowerPoint presentations

    Please note that you have access to the PowerPoint annotation tools (hover your mouse bottom-left) when sharing a PowerPoint presentation. You can turn off slide navigation by attendees by clicking the “Prevent participants…” eye icon (top toolbar, no annotations or video playback if you do this).


    To make an app stick, right-click it and Pin it. Please note that you can right-click and pop out an app in a separate window.


    Add “Tasks by Planner and To Do” to your account (Apps). A plan is the same as a project. When you create a new Plan, you can add it to a group (= team).