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Chemistry and Laboratory

ChemDraw gives organic chemistry coursework a boost at Manchester Metropolitan University

    Organic chemistry students at Manchester Metropolitan University are starting the new term this Autumn armed with the latest ChemDraw software by PerkinElmer Informatics which will enable them to better illustrate their work with clear molecular structures. ChemDraw will also make it easier for research and… Read More »ChemDraw gives organic chemistry coursework a boost at Manchester Metropolitan University

    DASYLab Module Chart

      DASYLab Module Chart – Available in DASYLab Lite, Basic, Full and Pro versions Legend : included not included /available available only in Net/Pro Version you must purchase separately   Module group DASYLab Pro Version Modules Pro Full Basic Lite/ Starter Input/Output Modules Analog Input Analog… Read More »DASYLab Module Chart

      DASYLab Hardware Support

        DASYLab Hardware Support by Product ADLink: Nudam Driver: 6011, 6012, 6013, 6017, 6018, 6021, 6024 (AO, DI), 6050 (DI, DO), 6052, 6053, 6054, 6056, 6058, 6060 (DI, DO), 6063 (DO), 6080 2000, SP 4 – XP Pro, SP 2 – Vista 32 Bit – Vista… Read More »DASYLab Hardware Support

        DASYLab Overview

          Click the toggles below to expand or close sections of this extensive DASYLab Overview Easy-to-Use It has always been our challenge to make DASYLab easy-to-use – now you have a chance to find out whether we’ve succeeded. Even most sophisticated acquisition and control tasks can… Read More »DASYLab Overview

          GRAMS Envision

            GRAMS Envision is a multi-format instrument data viewer with the capacity to host plug-in processing and reporting modules. Download Envision. Product Detail GRAMS Envision, enhances GRAMS Smart Convert technology to support the GAML open standard XML instrument data format. This allows capture of comprehensive meta-data… Read More »GRAMS Envision

            GRAMS IQ

              GRAMS IQ is a graphical multivariate analysis tool for building quantitative calibrations as well as qualitative models for discriminant analysis. In fact qualitative and quantitative methods can be linked together to provide a complete spectroscopic model of your samples. This software product is the complete… Read More »GRAMS IQ