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GRAMS Envision

    GRAMS Envision is a multi-format instrument data viewer with the capacity to host plug-in processing and reporting modules. Download Envision. Product Detail GRAMS Envision, enhances GRAMS Smart Convert technology to support the GAML open standard XML instrument data format. This allows capture of comprehensive meta-data… Read More »GRAMS Envision


      GRAMS IQ is a graphical multivariate analysis tool for building quantitative calibrations as well as qualitative models for discriminant analysis. In fact qualitative and quantitative methods can be linked together to provide a complete spectroscopic model of your samples. This software product is the complete… Read More »GRAMS IQ

      GRAMS Site Licensing

        GRAMS Site Licensing is designed for corporations that would like to receive significant savings on software product licensing. Contact us for a price quotation for your organisation. Low Minimum Purchase A GRAMS Site Licence constitutes 5 or more copies of GRAMS/AI software. Pricing for site… Read More »GRAMS Site Licensing

        Why do I need GRAMS AI?

          As Q.C. LIMS User I need a single tool to read all of my instrument data. I am interested in On-line / At-line product testing. I am interested in reducing sample prep. using IR techniques. I need a tool to rapidly identify contaminants. As a… Read More »Why do I need GRAMS AI?

          What’s New in GRAMS 9.3

            GRAMS IQ Usability Enhancements The GRAMS IQ application has been enhanced to provide easier methods of entering data, identifying outliers, and saving settings for calibration files. • A command-line interface has been added to provide automation of the steps to load data and create calibration… Read More »What’s New in GRAMS 9.3

            Blaise Inform Report Designer

              This visual tool allows you to define reports compatible with over 150 formats of instrument data when executed in the Envision viewer. Blaise Inform for Thermo Envision is a powerful report authoring system providing tools for designing and generating reports of analytical data from Thermo… Read More »Blaise Inform Report Designer

              ExcelExchange Module

                ExcelExchange allows transferring of data between GRAMS/AI spectral data files (in SPC format) and Microsoft Excel worksheets. Data can be transferred in both directions: from an SPC file into a worksheet or from a worksheet into an SPC file. A simple-to-use wizard guides the whole… Read More »ExcelExchange Module

                Peax for GRAMS

                  Systematix’ plug-in database software tool is the ideal solution for searching and identifying elements and molecules in a spectrum displayed in GRAMS/AI. The element database is the atomic spectra database from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The molecular database is based on… Read More »Peax for GRAMS

                  ReactionSleuth ActiveApp

                    This toolbox for analysing spectroscopic reaction data allows you to extract time-based trendlines from GRAMS multifiles. ReactionSleuth includes visual tools for selecting features and using them to create simple, or baseline-corrected, trendlines. Complex features can be analysed using Peakfitting models created in GRAMS® to deconvolute… Read More »ReactionSleuth ActiveApp


                      In situations with simple sample types, multivariate calibration methods like PLS are often too complex and unnecessary. Therefore, the GRAMS Suite offers the QuickQuant module for performing least squares regression calibration analysis of spectral data. This easily deployable component allows you to quantify the peaks… Read More »QuickQuant