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Graphics & GUI Tools


    Fortran RAD for Windows GINOMENU Studio is a fully interactive GUI builder and development environment for the Fortran programmer. Application development is made easy with visual drag-and-drop design, fully integrated callback editor, coding-error tracer and run-time project manager. Visual Design GINOMENU Studio contains all the… Read More »GINOMENU studio


      GINOSURF – The 3D/4D data display library for Contouring, Surface Mapping & X-Sections Overview GINOSURF is a multi-dimensional graphical display library providing a variety of surface representations. Contour plots, perspective surfaces and cross-sectional diagrams can all be generated to perform accurate visual appraisal of your… Read More »GINOSURF


        GINOGRAF – The 2D data display library for Line Graphs, Bar charts, Histograms and more Overview GINOGRAF is a set of functions for displaying 2D numerical data in a range of graphical forms and to enhance users data display needs with the minimum of programming… Read More »GINOGRAF


          Programmable GUI Builder GINOMENU is a subroutine toolkit for developing GUI applications under Windows. It provides extensive window and widget building modules allowing professional user-interfaces to be created under Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista without the need to get involved in MFC, API or mixed-language programming. Optional high… Read More »GINOMENU