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Cool ChemDraw® hacks

    Cloning Molecules

    Ctrl + Shift + Click & Drag
    Allows you to make aligned copies in no time
    Time saved: Adding reagents to the flask

    Autonumbering Reactions

    Structure Menu > Autonumber Reaction
    Creates a numbering scheme under unique structures
    Time saved: One overnight reaction

    Expanding and Contracting Labels

    Structure Menu > Expand Label
    Generates a fully drawn structure from a protecting group label
    Time saved: Running 2 or 3 TLC tests

    Cleaning Up Reactions

    Ctrl + Shift + X
    Adjusts all the components of your reaction in one click
    Time saved: Working up an overnight reaction

    Joining Molecules

    Ctrl + J
    Joins two molecules together
    Time saved: Packing and running a chromatography column