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Which Mathcad Edition is Right for You?

    Different Mathcad for different users? Find the Mathcad edition for you.

    Mathcad Enterprise and Single-User Academic Editions

    Use the tool that students and educators at more than 2,000 colleges and universities around the world are already using in their math, science and engineering departments. Through its patented technology and use of natural math notation, Mathcad lets students easily manipulate maths and see the results change instantly, creating an unparalleled learning experience. Students and teachers can then focus on math concepts rather than getting bogged down in software syntax. Built-in examples, tutorials and reference material make Mathcad the ideal calculation tool for both professors and students.

    Here are just some of the benefits of using Mathcad:

    • Cross-disciplinary. If the curriculum contains math content, any student capable of taking the course is capable of writing, calculating, manipulating, and visualizing it directly in Mathcad. The benefits of powerful math software are no longer reserved for advanced students using programming packages.
    • Transparent. Mathcad is truly intuitive and easy-to-use. It’s the only calculation tool that allows you to seamlessly work with math in real notation, just as you would using paper and pencil. This ability provides an unparalleled learning experience, so students can focus on developing a true understanding of the mathematical material, not of Mathcad itself.
    • Widespread. Mathcad’s calculation tools are used daily by millions of engineers and scientists to solve the most demanding problems. As such, it easily handles college-level problems, and will serve students into their professional careers.

    Mathcad makes it simple to publish and view mathematics on the Web and still read them into Mathcad for further calculation, without needing any special browser plug-ins. This makes Mathcad the ideal Internet Course Authoring Tool.