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Mathcad Academic Version

    Mathcad – for Maths Teaching and Learning

    Mathcad’s features are especially suited to learning and teaching technical subjects in Universities, colleges, vocational education and high schools. That’s why more teachers and students rely on Mathcad for calculation and documentation in maths-related disciplines than any other desktop software. You and your students can:

    • Type maths equations just as you would write them
    • Combine text, images, graphs and equations all on the same page
    • Post your files on the Web
    • Automatically update calculations
    • Utilize built-in functions and solvers to tackle a vast array of applied problems
    • Convert between unit systems
    • Visualise data with 2D and 3D graphs
    • Carry out both numeric and symbolic processes
    • Program custom functions

    Mathcad is highly effective in education because it is easy-to-use, broadly applicable across many disciplines, and encourages collaboration among teachers and students. Students learn by using Mathcad to experiment, investigate and simulate, as well as documenting their mathematical work. Mathcad is an indispensable, industry-standard tool in engineering and science based induatry and research, and students who are familiar with Mathcad are at a considerable advantage when seeking employment.

    More than 2,000 colleges and universities around the world use Mathcad to provide effective educational curricula and help students succeed in maths, science and engineering.

    Read more about how Mathcad fits your discipline or how Mathcad provides solutions for your needs in higher education.