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Civil Engineering Library – Mathcad Add-On

    Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, 6th Edition

    You get the complete 4-volume edition, with more than 1,000 separate design cases covering straight beams and bars, curved beams, plates and shells. Plus all 37 tables of formulas in Roark’s, and more than 75 detailed example problems worked out in Mathcad.

    Sample topics include:

    • Column buckling and elastic stability
    • Stress, force and deflection calculations for beams
    • Combined stress formulas
    • Curved beam cross-section properties
    • Moments of inertia
    • Torsional loading
    • Beam analysis for a varying section
    • Stresses and deflection of flat plates
    • Discontinuity analysis results at the junction of shells and plates
    • Natural frequencies of plates
    • Bending and membrane stresses of thin-walled pressure vessels
    • Radial displacements
    • Buckling of shells

    Building Thermal Analysis

    This book couples real-life examples of building thermal design problems with theory to create an informative group of design documents. This book is an extremely useful design tool for engineers and architects who analyse heat transfer in buildings.

    Sample topics include:

    • Steady state heat conduction in multi-layered walls and pipes
    • Transient heat conduction in buildings
    • Analysis of heat conduction in walls
    • Periodic heat flow in multi-layered walls
    • Convection and infiltration in rooms and cavities
    • Solar radiation
    • Psychrometry and thermal comfort
    • And much more

    Building Structural Design

    This book provides 33 clear, easy-to-adapt templates for designing structural elements of buildings and other structures. Topics range from the analysis and design of beams, columns, base plates, footings and retaining walls to the computation of wind and seismic loads on buildings. Each application includes a description of the design problem, one or more sketches, an input section, a list of computed variables, and a section of relevant Mathcad calculations. Reinforced concrete applications also include a material properties section where the user can specify the strength and unit weight of the concrete, and yield strength of the reinforcement.

    Sample topics include:

    • Analysis of simple beams and beams with end moments
    • Section properties of composite steel beams
    • Structural steel and reinforced concrete columns
    • Effective length factors
    • Reinforced concrete flat plates
    • Spread footings and pile caps
    • Retaining walls and anchored bulkheads
    • Shear stud capacities


    The Mathcad Civil Engineering Library is part of the Mathcad Add-on Collection which is included in Mathcad Enterprise licences, available here.