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Mathcad Add-On – Mechanical Engineering Library

    The Mechanical Engineering Library brings an extensive set of informational and reference tools to Mathcad, for your immediate use…

    Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, 6th Edition

    You get the complete 4-volume edition, with more than 1,000 separate design cases covering straight beams and bars, curved beams, plates and shells. Plus all 37 tables of formulas in Roark’s, and more than 75 detailed example problems worked out in Mathcad.

    Sample topics include:

    • Column buckling and elastic stability
    • Stress, force and deflection calculations for beams
    • Combined stress formulas
    • Curved beam cross-section properties
    • Moments of inertia
    • Torsional loading
    • Beam analysis for a varying section
    • Stresses and deflection of flat plates
    • Discontinuity analysis results at the junction of shells and plates
    • Natural frequencies of plates
    • Bending and membrane stresses of thin-walled pressure vessels
    • Radial displacements
    • Buckling of shells

    Finite Element beginnings

    This book is an introduction to the principles of finite element method. Designed for those who use existing finite element packages and want a deeper theoretical understanding of the methodology, it’s an ideal foundation for establishing finite associated applications. Friendly and informative, it looks behind the scenes and offers many examples to help develop your understanding.

    Sample topics include:

    • Historical perspective of the finite element method
    • Basic concepts of linear elasticity
    • The principles of minimum potential energy & direct method
    • Using interpolation concepts in one and two dimensions
    • Mapped elements

    Machine Design and Analysis

    This interactive reference tool is based on over 125 machine design, analysis and metalworking calculation procedures from the classic McGraw-Hill reference work. Each section hs a working Mathcad calculation procedure mirroring one in the original book, supported with explanatory text, tables of data, scanned-in figures, Mathcad plots, and Mathcad built-in units.

    Sample topics include:

    • Shaft, torque, horsepower and driver efficiency
    • Shaft reactions and bending moments
    • Solid shafts in bending and torsion
    • Speeds of gears and gear trains
    • Force ratio of geared drives
    • Wear life of roller surfaces
    • Time and power to drill, bore, countersink and ream
    • Shock-mount deflection and spring rate
    • Economical cutting speeds and production rates


    The Mathcad Mechanical Engineering Library is part of the Mathcad Add-on Collection which is included in Mathcad Enterprise licences, available here.