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Mathcad Add-Ons: Image Processing Extension Pack



    The Image Processing Extension Pack provides a powerful solution for iterative exploration and investigative analysis. With its extensive image processing, analysis and visualisation capabilities, this Extension Pack is ideal for research scientists and engineers, design engineers, system analysts and image specialists working on imaging or multimedia product development. It is also a valuable tool for students studying electrical engineering or computer sciences.


    This robust Extension Pack provides a total of over 140 built-in image processing functions. Among the highlights of this new version are over 50 new functions. Plus, you get an interactive image viewer for easy manipulation, new file formats to make it easier to work with other applications, and expanded document with templates and application examples. And because the Extension Pack becomes part of your Mathcad desktop, you can use it to create publication-quality technical documents, graphs and presentations.

    Highlights of the Mathcad Image Processing Extension Pack

    • Filtering – denoising of images
    • Morphology – to achieve sharper image characterizations for object identification
    • Edge Detection – image enhancement for object identification
    • Segmentation – for analysing specific regions/clusters of interest
    • Feature Extraction – to quantify object features such as length, size, other dimensions
    • New image viewer with interactive image manipulation capabilities (zoom/pan/crop,
    • brightness/contrast, rotate/flip/transpose, etc)
    • New file formats ( BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, TARGA, PGM, TIFF)
    • Expanded Electronic Book documentation and application files

    The Image Processing Extension Pack delivers over 140 built-in functions, including capabilities in all these areas:

    Input/Output BMP, GIF, JPG, PCX, TARGA, PGM, TIFF
    Colour Formats RGB, HLS, HSV
    Image Data Types double, colour
    Point Operations Blending, boolean, threshold, invert, scale, level mapping, add noise, all default mathcad ops, histograms, histogram equalize, LUT, colourmap ops, binarize, automatic threshold, clip, scale.
    Geometric Transforms Flip, rotate 90, general rotate, translate (pan), zoom, bilinear warping, interactive region extraction (using the viewer)
    Filtering Enhancement Median, quantile (order statistic) convolve, correlated, smoothing, crisping, frequency filters, Wiener filter
    Transforms Fft, wavelet, cosine transform (dct)
    Morphology Erosion, dilation, opening, closing, thinning, skeleton, distance transform, grayscale morphology, convex hull
    Edge Detection All common ones, sobel, roberts etc., Canny, morphology, row/column gradients
    Segmentation Thresholding, automatic thresholding, region growing
    Feature Extraction Connected components, convex hull, distance transform, moment invariants, general features – centroids, moments, etc.
    Multidimensional Support Fft
    Video processing support None
    Wavelet Tools A wavelet toolbox
    Signal Pro Tools A signal processing toolbox
    Display/Visualization In-place viewer displays images, maps pseudo colour, zoom, scale, flip, brightness, contrast
    Display Interactivity ROI selection, point selection, line selection
    Customizable (Macros) Mathcad functions
    Customizable (GUI) None
    Extensibility (C/Fortran) Ability to add C code
    Platforms Windows
    Standards Support (OLE or CORBA) OLE support
    Internet Ability to publish pages on the web


    Image Processing Extension Pack Electronic Guidance: Chapter List

    Introductory Material

    • About Mathcad Electronic Books
    • Introduction to Image Processing in Mathcad
    • Reading and Writing Images
    • The Mathcad Image Viewer

    Image Processing Functions

    • Image Manipulation
    • Addition and Measurement of Noise
    • Binarization and Quantization
    • Equalization
    • Function and Level Mapping
    • Histograms
    • Scaling and Clipping
    • Thresholding and Inversion

    Manipulating Colour in Images

    • Grayscale and Colour in Images
    • HLS and HSV Colour Systems
    • Television Image Colour Standards
    • Tools for Packed Matrices

    Combinations of Images

    • Replacing Part of an Image
    • Blending and Masking
    • Boolean Operations
    • Error and Noise Measurement

    Geometric Transforms

    • Flipping Images
    • Rotating Images
    • Translating Images
    • Bilinear Warping
    • Zooming and Scaling
    • Convolution and Filtering
    • Convolution
    • Crisping
    • 2-D Image Correlation
    • Median and Quantile Filtering
    • Smoothing
    • Wiener Filtering

    Morphological Processing

    • Erosion and Dilation
    • Morphological Opening and Closing
    • Grayscale Morphology
    • Thinning and Skeletonization

    The Transform Domain

    • Filtering in Fourier Transform Domain
    • Centering a Transformed Image
    • Gaussian Kernel Filtering
    • Wavelet Transform Filtering
    • Discrete Cosine Transform

    Edge Finders

    • Canny Edge Detector
    • Convolution Edge Finders
    • Convolution and Comparison Edge Finders
    • Laplacian Edge Finders
    • Row and Column Gradients

    Feature Extraction

    • Connected Component Labeling
    • Vonvex Hull
    • Euclidean Distance Transform
    • Moment Invariants
    • Shape Features

    Image Segmentation

    • Region Growing


    • Image Filtering and Restoration
    • Filtering Noise
    • Wavelet Smoothing
    • Homomorphic Filtering
    • Removing Scanner Stripes
    • Deblurring via Transforms

    Image Enhancement

    • Correcting a CCD Image
    • Mapping Image Intensities
    • Machine Quality Control of Corn
    • Downsampling: A Primer
    • Pseudocolour Enhancement
    • Fading In and Out

    Vision and Segmentation

    • A Simple Letter Detector
    • Tracking Moving Objects in Aerial Images
    • Machine Vision: Locating Holes
    • Machine Grading of Potatoes
    • Segmentation of the Brain

    Visualization and Synthetic Images

    • Imaging a Speech Spectrogram
    • A Demonstration of Ray Tracing
    • Ray Tracing and Mapping
    • Visualizing Complex Functions

    Image Distortions

    • Bitmapped Type
    • Instant “Art”

    ResourcesUseful Mathcad Constructs

    • Bibliography
    • Index of Sample Images
    • Index of Functions
    • Superseded Functions



    The Mathcad Image Processing Extension Pack is now part of the Mathcad core product, available here.