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Mathcad Add-Ons

    Mathcad Add-On Product Family

    PLEASE NOTE: The functions included in the four Extension Packs detailed below have now been incorporated into the core Mathcad software.

    >>Data Analysis Extension Pack
    This Extension Pack extends Mathcad’s functionality with tools for non-parametric fitting and interpolation, data conditioning and smoothing, principal component analysis, regression (linear, nonlinear and rational polynomial least-squares fit) and more.

    >>Signal Processing Extension Pack
    With over 70 built-in signal processing functions, this pack adds extensive capabilities for performing analog and digital signal processing, analysis and visualization.

    >>Image Processing Extension Pack
    This pack extends Mathcad’s functionality with the essential tools for image processing, analysis and visualization.

    >>Wavelets Extension Pack
    The Wavelets Extension Pack adds powerful families of wavelet functions to Mathcad Professional’s built-in function library.