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Mathcad E-Book: Civil Engineering Solved Problems

    As the name implies, this is a series of common problems encountered in the undergraduate civil engineering curriculum. Solutions are worked out in Mathcad, with appropriate graphing, optimisation methods, and other useful techniques detailed for the student.

    Useful as a source of exercises for the instructor, or as example worksheets for the student.

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    Table of Contents

    Statics: Reactions
    Truss Analysis
    Parabolic Suspension Cable
    Stress on an Element
    Shear and Moment Diagrams
    Normal and Shear Stress Distribution
    Dynamics: Position, Velocity, Acceleration
    Dynamics: Work and Power
    Dynamics: Impulse-Momentum
    Soil Properties
    Slope Failure
    Normal and Shear Stress
    Highway Engineering: Super Elevation
    Highway Engineering: Skidding Distance
    Highway Engineering: Pavement Design
    Structural Analysis: Influence Diagram
    Reinforced Concrete Design: Beam
    Interaction Diagram
    Square Footing
    Eccentric Sheer Connection
    Steel Design: Beam Design
    Steel Design: Column Design
    Fluid Statics: Hydrostatic Pressure
    Fluid Statics: Buoyancy
    Force on an Inclined Surface
    Reynolds Number and Friction Factor
    Fluid Dynamics: Pump Energy
    Three Reservoir Problem
    Hydraulics: Normal Depth
    Specific and Critical Energy
    Hydraulic Jump
    Hydraulics: Varied Flow
    Hydrology: Well Drawdown
    Hydrology: Channel Storage
    Hydrology: Orifice Discharge
    Water Quality: Solvent Extraction
    Ion Exchange
    Facultative Pond
    Oxidation Ditch
    Surveying: Vertical Curve
    Area of Irregular Boundary
    Earthwork Volume
    Econcomics: Future Worth
    Economics: Rate of Return
    Ammonia Toxicity
    Unit Hydrograph Constructio
    Newton Raphson Procedure
    Brake Temperature Computation
    Manning Equation
    Water Treatment: Cation Exchange
    Finding River Cross-Sectional Areas
    Release of Toxic Impurity to the Atmosphere
    Discharge from a Broad Crested Weir
    Normal Depth on a Channel Slope
    Pipe Flow: Specific Energy Curves
    Fluid Flow: Reservoir Discharge
    Wastewater Pump


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