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Mathcad E-Book: Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad

    Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad is an Electronic Book specially written for use with the text Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 3/e, 1998. Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad contains over 70 separate worksheets and is roughly 500 pages in length. Many of the worksheets in this Electronic Book are essentially mini-tutorials on a specific topic from the textbook. Unlike the printed text, however, all the worksheets are ‘live’ meaning that the problem variables can be changed and the results observed almost instantly. The Electronic Book also offers animation capabilities which are extensively incorporated into the content.

    The Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields 3/e introduces students to electromagnetism and provides balanced coverage of both static and dynamic fields. It is also the first text to intergrate computer visualisation (Mathcad) and computation throughout the text.

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    Table of Contents

    Chapter 2 Worksheets: Vector Analysis
    Chapter 4 Worksheets: Magnetostatic Fields
    Chapter 6 Worksheets: Propagation of Uniform Plane Waves
    Chapter 7 Worksheets: Transmission Lines
    Chapter 8 Worksheets: Waveguides and Cavity Resonators
    Chapter 9 Worksheets: Antennas
    Appendix B Worksheets: Faraday’s Law for Moving Contours
    Appendix C Worksheets: The Smith Chart


    The Electronic Book, Visual Electromagnetics for Mathcad, can be obtained from The printed textbook is available from McGraw-Hill.