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Mathad E-Book: Electrical Engineering Solved Problems

    As the name implies, this is a series of common problems encountered in the undergraduate electrical engineering curriculum. Solutions are worked out in Mathcad, with appropriate graphing, optimisation methods, and other useful techniques detailed for the student.

    Useful as a source of exercises for the instructor, or as example worksheets for the student.

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    Table of Contents

    Laplace Transforms
    Parallel RLC Circuit
    Series RLC Circuit
    Frequency Response of Amplifiers
    Diode Circuit Graphical Analysis
    Zener Diode Circuit Analysis
    DC Analysis of a Two Stage BJT Amplifier
    BJT Four Resistor Bias Circuit Design
    Single Supply, Non-Bypassed Emitter Resistor
    Cascade Amplifier: High Frequency Analysis
    FET Bias Circuit Analysis
    FET Bias Circuit Design 1
    FET Bias Circuit Design 2
    FET Bias Circuit Design 3
    FET Bias Circuit Design 4
    JFET Common Source Amplifier Design
    Response of an Amplifier with Three Poles
    Stability of Amplifier with Three Poles
    Bandpass Filter Response – Analysis
    Band Reject Filter Response – Analysis
    First Order Filter Design
    Transform Low Pass to Bandpass Filter
    First Order Lowpass Filter Design
    First Order Highpass Filter Design
    nth Order Butterworth Filter Design
    Plane Wave Propagation – Lossy Medium
    Reflection and Transmission – Normal Incidence
    Communications with a Submarine
    Reflection and Transmission – Oblique Incidence
    Reflection as a Function of Angle
    Coaxial Cable Transmission Line Design
    Twin Lead Transmission Line Design
    Microstrip Analysis
    Microstrip Synthesis
    Connecting Generators to Loads
    Open-Wire Transmission Lines Connecting Generators
    Single Stub Matching – Open Circuit Stubs
    Single Stub Matching – Short Circuit Stubs
    Double Stub Matching – Open Circuit Stubs
    Double Stub Matching – Short Circuit Stubs
    Design of a Rectangular Waveguide
    Breakdown in a Rectangular Waveguide
    Conductor Losses in a Rectangular Waveguide
    Transverse Magnetic Waves
    Transverse Electric Waves
    Conductor Losses in Cylindrical Waveguides
    Design of a Dipole Antenna
    Uniform Linear Array of Point Sources
    Pyramidal Horn Design
    Radiation from a Rectangular Aperture


    Sample File in MathML

    Download Book (1.3 MB)

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