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Mathcad for Commercial Organisations

    Optimise Your Design & Engineering Process with Mathcad

    Leading companies standardise on Mathcad to help them achieve engineering excellence. By equipping ALL their engineers with this industry-standard calculation solution, they’re able to shorten product development time, increase product quality, simplify compliance and facilitate innovation ahead of the competition.

    Solve and document engineering calculations and design work simultaneously
    Through its unique, self-documenting interface, Mathcad collapses two traditionally separate processes — design formulation and documentation — into one. Engineers are automatically able to create comprehensive technical documents, combining maths notation, text and images, while they work.

    Record and share ideas in a way that everyone can understand
    Calculations are displayed in Mathcad the way engineers might write them on paper. Designs are always complete, containing the concept, implementation and results, not just the code. Because of this, engineers have improved understanding of the project in hand and are better able to swap ideas and collaborate across the organisation. Flexible formats and support for standard interfaces make it easy to share worksheets, methods and engineering value with other users and systems.

    Store and reuse calculations to develop Intellectual Property and accelerates future projects
    Mathcad equips engineers with the tools to create repeatable and auditable engineering calculations that can be easily iterated, shared and reused. These calculations form a valuable source of knowledge for the company, which can be developed and built-upon to give future projects a head start.

    Ensure traceability and reduce the risk of errors that can decrease design quality and hinder product development
    Designs created in Mathcad are transparent. Assumptions, methods and equations are clearly communicated and therefore easily read and checked so there’s less room for repeatable, costly mistakes. Mathcad also automatically handles the error-prone measurement conversion process.

    Enable engineers to perform all phases of their work more efficiently
    Unmatched breadth of calculation capabilities, powerful maths functionality, live calculations that update results and redraw graphs automatically when variables are changed, and automated units management, provide all the capabilities engineers need in one comprehensive application to improve productivity and streamline the entire design process.

    Mathcad licences also provide:

    • Extra home use licences for added work flexibility.
    • Software Maintenance (includes phone, email and online technical support, plus access to all major releases, patches and updates).

    What types of licenses are available?
    There are two types of Mathcad licence available for purchase: floating & node-locked.

    • Node-Locked licences reside on the workstation (instead of the server) and are locked to that machine.
    • Floating licences reside on the server and permit any workstation access, up to the number of floating licenses installed.

    To assist you in specifying your requirement for Mathcad we offer pre-sales support to ensure your purchase fully meets the needs of your organisation.

    For more information about licencing and to discuss pricing contact our Mathcad team at your local office.