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PTC Mathcad Prime

    Engineering companies choose Mathcad Prime when they need their engineers to work efficiently and error-free with a tool that:

    • is easy-to-use
    • supports automated and quick calculations
    • verifies calculation results
    • enables documentation

    Mathcad is chosen by most companies primarily to verify design calculations and produce industry-standard, shareable and reusable technical documentation.

    This software tool is a world-leading calculation software, that we provide licenses, technical support, administration, and training for.

    Our customers think that we are a trusted partner, helping them find the best solution, and are available after purchase to assist and make sure that their investment is utilized to the fullest.

    We are the leading license provider because of our dedicated and focused resources just for Mathcad in local languages.
    We are responsive, flexible, and easy to work with. Our customers are treated individually, always with the same points of contact, and they trust us and stay with us for many years.

    Our customers say:
    “Mathcad has helped our business by enabling standard calculations to be derived and developed for the whole team to use in a controlled manner. This has improved accuracy, document quality and provides a consistent format for people to read.”

    “It is helpful because it allows complex calculations to be carried out using mostly conventional math notation in a timely manner.”


    Mathcad Prime 8

    PTC has recently released the Mathcad Prime 8 version with the following improvements:

    • Redefinition Warnings
    • Show Frame (header, footer, page body)
    • Partial Derivative Operator
    • Copy/paste multiple values to combo-box
    • Symbolics Engine Enhancements
    • Numeric Engine Enhancements
    • Usability Enhancements
    • Save legacy worksheets as HTML
    • Windows 11 support

    Check the detailed improvements in the video below.