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Mathcad: Version Comparison Chart

    CAPABILITY Mathcad 13.0 Mathcad 14.0 Mathcad 15.0 Mathcad Prime 2.0
    USER INTERFACE        
    Ribbon user interface based on Microsoft® Fluent UI      
    WYSIWYG document editing, including headers and footers      
    Alignment grid (fine and standard sizes) for easy alignment of equations and regions      
    Customizable Quick Access Toolbar      
    Drop-down menu user interface with customizable toolbars  
    Open XML-based file format      
    Batch worksheet converter for MCD and XMCD files      
    Save to XPS      
    Literal subscripts in the middle of variable name      
    Separate overlapping regions command: choice of vertically or horizontally      
    Tab to next or previous math region      
    Add and delete rows and columns in matrices from ribbon      
    Specification tables with multiple variable definitions      
    Header and footer formatting
    Collapsible and movable areas for sectioning content
    Region nudging and alignment guides
    Full Unicode support  
    Compressed images and files
    Calculated results saved in XML
    Print to PDF  
    New equation editor based on order of operations and precedence      
    Direct Lagrange’s notation for derivatives      
    Labels to distinguish variables, constants, functions and units      
    Integration of numerics and symbolics
    New and enhanced symbolic capabilities, including vectorization, solve fully, piecewise integral solutions, new and enhanced keywords and modifiers
    Explicit substitution of values before symbolic calculation
    In-line definition and evaluation  
    Live symbolic (algebraic) evaluation, including expansion, factorization and transforms with keywords and modifier
    Error tracing
    Dynamic unit checking      
    Mixed units in matrices, tables and plots      
    Visual distinction between units, constants, functions and variables      
    Full unit support for all applicable functions      
    Temperature and non-multiplicative scaling units (dB, FIF, DMS, etc.)
    Automatic unit tracking and conversion
    New file access functions      
    Improved performance of discrete Fourier functions      
    Improved unit support      
    Intel Math Kernel Library (MKL) for numerics, upgraded for improved numeric performance      
    Multithreading for optimized performance      
    Newly designed Excel® Component      
    Support for 64-bit architecture      
    Fully integrated Signal, Image Processing and Data Analysis Extension Pack functions      
    Row operator for matrices      
    Linear and circular convolution operators      
    Polar operator      
    Two derivative operators combined into one operator with multiple placeholders      
    Square root and nth root operator combined into one operator      
    Two product operators combined into one operator with multiple placeholders      
    Two summation operators combined into one operator with multiple placeholders      
    Scalar operator      
    Improved performance for computational signal and image functions      
    Advanced linear algebra functions based on BLAS/LAPACK libraries
    New file access functions      
    30 new Design of Experiments (DoE) functions    
    Programming operators (loops, assignments)
    Searchable Function dropdown with functions arranged by categories and alphabetically
    New solvers for ODEs  
    Operator/Operand highlighting during math editing      
    Jacob function    
    Indefinite integration and limits
    More than two markers per plot axis      
    Contour plots
    3D scatter, curve and surface plots with unit support      
    3D plots: Spin, pan, zoom and reset
    Axis number formatting  
    Full color palette for traces, symbols and markers
    New KNITRO multithreaded optimization solvers for nonlinear optimization      
    Solve block inputs and outputs labeled for easier use      
    Movable solve block construct with local variables      
    Programming operators can be typed in directly      
    New if-then-else programming operators      
    New and improved ODE algorithms (Adams, BDF)  
    Statespace function  
    Fast ODE solver for stiff systems and differential algebraic systems (Radau)  
    Systems of ODEs in solve blocks
    Included (referenced) worksheets can be cached for portability      
    Multilevel included (referenced) worksheets
    Support for PTC Windchill® 9.1    
    Knovel® Math: Mathcad-enabled worksheets and Electronic Books*  
    PTC Creo® Parametric integration (formerly Pro/ENGINEER®)
    File I/O component for multiple file formats, importing data as strings and selecting specified columns or rows
    Microsoft Excel Component
    Binary file read and write
    Enhanced Excel data exchange and integration
    READEXCEL and WRITEEXCEL supporting Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010 file formats    
    Mathcad blog
    Engineering Resources website: Mathcad examples and worksheets by industry    
    Help and Documentation translated to ten languages*    
    FLEXlm license management
    References tables, key formulas and constants
    PlanetPTC® Community – Mathcad Web-based forum
    Technical support*  
    Online tutorials and discipline-specific examples
    Easy-to-use online Help
    Adaptable examples demonstrating standard analyses and tasks
    Programming tutorial
    Mathcad on-site training courses  
    Web-based training courses  
    Home use license
    Microsoft Windows® 7 support    
    Microsoft Windows XP support
    Microsoft Windows Vista® support  
    Microsoft Office® 2007 and 2010 support    
    Microsoft Office 2003 compatibility
    Supported in ten languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese    
    Licensing with maintenance