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Mathcad worksheets – Share and collaborate across networks

    Share publication-quality worksheets across your entire organisation in Mathcad, print, XML, PDF or Web formats – enabling others to collaborate on design projects or simply view worksheets.

    Mathcad provides easy access to live math documents on your local network or the Web. Move seamlessly through your Intranet or Extranet with integrated browser and hyperlink support. There are several ways Mathcad supports activity in the browser.
    File or Print
    XML file format enables users to easily transform content to MS Word, pdf, XHTML, and other publishing formats. Mathcad documents can be printed to paper or PDF formats, and viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat.

    Mathcad’s Authoring Mode lets you build your own electronic books so you can compile and electronically present collections of your Mathcad worksheets – complete with a table of contents, links and a searchable index. File encryption and a robust document protection mechanism help you secure your intellectual property while you share your work.