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Teaching With Mathcad

    Mathcad is an ideal tool for teaching math-related disciplines in college. Whether for presentations, labs, simulations, prototyping, homework assignments, or papers, Mathcad combines the power of a calculation engine with the elegance of a word processor. Mathcad allows you to create course materials quickly and easily in multiple formats for easy distribution, letting you concentrate on teaching and scholarship.

    • Best Practices for Teaching with Mathcad
      Investigate various ‘best practices’ for teaching with Mathcad to help you make the most of Mathcad as a platform for teaching, learning, research, and documentation.
    • User Stories in Higher Education
      There are hundreds of users whose compelling use of Mathcad may inspire you to try Mathcad in your own classes. Learn more about the widely varying ways instructors all over the world are using Mathcad.
    • Research and White Papers
      Mathcad provides enhanced learning experiences in higher education classrooms. This page provides links to the kinds of learning results some professors have experienced.
    • Education Files
      View various files in the Mathcad Community written for education.