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Get Started with Intel® Developer Cloud

    Intel developer cloud has the latest hardware from Intel, with the latest software already installed. See how to get a Gaudi 2/ Xeon/ Intel Max GPU machine up in running in a couple of minutes.

    Marco Cantu wins the Niklaus Wirth Award

      We are very pleased to announce that our very own Marco Cantú has been given the Niklaus Wirth Award by The International Pascal Congress hosted by The University of Salamanca in Spain.

      RAD Studio 11.3 Now Available

        RAD Studio 11 Alexandria Release 3 (also known as RAD Studio 11.3) is focused on quality and improvements in terms of usability, performance and stability, as requested by customers. The release builds on the landmark new features in RAD Studio 11 Alexandria’s three previous releases.… 

        Intel oneAPI Toolkit 2023

          Optimised, standards-based support for powerful new architectures The latest oneAPI and AI 2023 tools continue to empower developers with multiarchitecture performance and productivity, delivering optimised support for Intel’s upcoming portfolio of CPU and GPU architectures and advanced capabilities: 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors (formerly… 

          Intel oneAPI Base & Rendering Toolkit

            Optimized Tools for Performance-Driven, Cross-Architecture Applications and Powerful Libraries for High-Fidelity Rendering and Visualization Deliver high-fidelity, interactive, hyper-realistic rendering and visualization applications for studio content creation, scientific visualization, and manufacturing. The Intel® oneAPI Base & Rendering Toolkit help developers and content creators optimize compute cost-efficiently… 

            Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit

              The Smart Path to Accelerated Computing without the Economic and Technical Burdens of Proprietary Programming Models Accelerate data-centric workloads by developing high-performance applications that scale across a variety of architectures (CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs) using a single programming model. With oneAPI’s open standards-based path to accelerated… 

              Intel oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit

                Accelerate Development of Smart, Connected Devices Accelerate development of cross-architecture IoT applications for smart, connected devices. Boost performance and power efficiency using the Intel oneAPI Base & IoT Toolkit. This complete set of tools includes an industry-leading C++ compiler, powerful libraries, and analysis and debug…