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Visual Assist 2024.3 is launched

    Visual Assist 2024.3

    Visual Assist from Whole Tomato har just released version 2024.3!

    More performance coming your way! Visual Assist 2024.3 brings dramatic improvements to the performance of Find References. Our tests show that a query that usually takes 38 minutes using default Find References, now only takes about 5 minutes in Visual Assist 2024.3. Consequently, this also improves the performance of features that rely on locating references.

    Also in this release: key features exit their beta phases. CUDA core development support and the Move Class feature are now classified as stable and enter general availability.

    Last of our highlights: great news for C# users. Syntax coloring and basic features have been reoptimized and should be working much more responsive now.

    Visit Whole Tomato or contact Alfasoft to learn more!