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Blaise Inform Report Designer

    This visual tool allows you to define reports compatible with over 150 formats of instrument data when executed in the Envision viewer.

    Blaise Inform for Thermo Envision is a powerful report authoring system providing tools for designing and generating reports of analytical data from Thermo Envision. Inform works by reading data from Envision in the GAML XML structure and applying a report method to the data to produce a report in either screen preview form, printed form, or HTML display. Inform is both an interactive reporting system (using the Inform Designer) as well as a non-interactive report generation system integrated within Envision. Using the Inform Designer, report methods can be designed interactively, stored on file servers, and used by multiple users in non-interactive mode.

    Feature Highlights

    • Highly customizable report objects such as tables, graphs, text blocks, picture blocks allow you to present your data and results in a wide variety of formats and designs.
      Report sections and page templates provide the ability to organise your data in different ways in same report while still keeping a consistent page design and appearance.
    • Visually establish data rules using an English-like syntax to easily filter, group and sort the data in a variety of ways. Data rules can be applied to tables, multi plots, and even entire report sections to provide sophisticated report design capabilities
    • Use the power of report script to further customise your report. Report script opens up the world of dynamic report design in which report methods are smart and are able to adjust their appearance and calculations based on the specific data being reported.
    • Design a single report which works with different types of analytical data, even from multiple vendors. Inform capitalizes on the power of the GAML data structure to support a wide variety of analytical data all in one reporting system.
    • Utilise specialised data items in addition to the GAML data items, which provides the ability to prompt the report user for run-time data entry, and the ability to easily make custom calculations

    About Blaise Inform

    Blaise Inform is a software product designed and written by Blaise Software Services Inc. Inform has been licensed and is supported by Thermo for their Envision data system. Blaise has sole and complete responsibility for the performance and operation of Inform, as well as the clarity and completion of Inform documentation. Thermo has no responsibility with respect to the development or maintenance of Inform.