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What’s New in GRAMS 9.3

    GRAMS IQ Usability Enhancements
    The GRAMS IQ application has been enhanced to provide easier methods of entering data,
    identifying outliers, and saving settings for calibration files.
    • A command-line interface has been added to provide automation of the steps to load data
    and create calibration files.
    • New columns have been added to the Training Set grid to display the range of the Y values.
    This can aid in identifying samples that are outliers.
    • The colors used for the traces have been modified to provide better contrast, and users are
    now able to select samples from the Experiment Setup tab and modify the Type of the
    • The template mechanism has been expanded to include the Experiment Setup tab allowing
    users to save commonly used settings for that page.
    • The settings used to create a calibration file can be saved in a separate XML file to help
    document the creation of the calibration.

    Spectral ID Library Management Enhancements
    The Spectral ID application has been modified to allow users to export a list of the compounds in
    a library. Also, when adding files to a search library, a new option allows the filename of each
    spectrum to be inserted into the comment field.

    IQ Predict
    The “Open Unknowns” menu of IQ Predict has been enhanced to include options to import
    instrument data files. The import mechanism is the same one already used in other GRAMS

    GRAMS Envision Viewer
    The GRAMS Envision Viewer was developed to display instrument data in a modern easy to use
    interface. It provides modular viewers for 2D, 3D and “linked data”. The linked data module
    allows the user to view a chromatogram and the associated PDA or MS data and interactively look
    at slices of the data.
    In the past, the viewer has been shipped separately or with our Data Manager product. In this
    release, Envision has been pulled into the GRAMS Suite install and menu items have been added
    to pass data to/from the Envision viewer.