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Maths & Simulation Software Consulting Services

    Our engineering team has a deep grasp of the tools and technology we offer. Why not exploit Adept’s extensive knowledge, specialist skills and experience of using our maths and modelling tools to streamline implementation and bring your projects in on time and on budget? Our application engineers can help with:

    Customising off-the-shelf software to provide specific functions or features

    Multidomain system level (or lumped parameter) model development, including;

    • multibody dynamics
    • hydraulics and fluid flow
    • mechatronics
    • thermal systems
    • electrical systems
    • and more…

    Financial engineering

    • Linking tools to financial databases
    • Vanilla and exotic option pricing (Monte-Carlo, binomial, finite difference)
    • Asset allocation and portfolio optimisation

    First-principles mathematical modelling of physical phenomena

    Link different tools through their APIs, co-simulation or automated code generation

    Modelica consulting – recent projects include powertrain and HEV energy systems modelling.

    Contact your local Alfasoft office to discuss how our maths and simulation software experts could help with your next project.