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RAD Studio 12.1 – Now Available!


    RAD Studio 12.1 Now Available!

    Embarcadero Technologies announces the General Availability of RAD Studio 12.1, including Delphi 12.1 and C++Builder 12.1.

    RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 12.1 primarily focus on improving the quality of the new features in RAD Studio 12, addressing regressions, and focusing on customer-reported issues. At the same time, Embarcadero has completed the development of the new C++ Win64 Clang–based compiler and toolchain, which was previewed in 12.0.

    New Features in RAD STUDIO 12.1

    Modernized C++ Compilers and Toolchain – C++ Builder only

    The first release of the new Clang-based C++ compiler for Win64, a high-quality toolchain with excellent STL support, 64-bit compiler and linker, great for building and linking large applications, integrating better with external libraries and C++ code. Includes full IDE integration and the ability to build VCL and FireMonkey apps, using FireDAC and other database and RTL libraries.

    Split Editor Views in RAD Studio IDE – RAD Studio

    In RAD Studio 12.1, the IDE supports split editor views: multiple editors side by side, above and below each other. Split editors allow the same file to be edited next to itself, allowing you to edit the same file in multiple locations and to keep both a design and a code view on screen.

    Android API Level 34 and Improved Deployment – Delphi only

    RAD Studio 12.1 is updating the supported Android API to level 34. This has been done in advance of the August 2024 deadline for Google Play Store app submission, which will require API Level 34. This change required updates to the Android SDK, the introduction of some additional Android platform tools, an update of the Java runtime, and improvements to the app packaging process.

    Quality Improvements in RAD STUDIO 12.1

    Improved Visual Assist Integration for C++Builder IDE – C++ Builder only

    Visual Assist integration was introduced in 12.0 and has been significantly improved with a strong quality focus in 12.1, as well as expanding rename refactoring to rename across code and visual designers. It provides best-in-class code completion, code navigation and refactorings for C++ code; an amazing productivity boost.

    Delphi LSP Quality and Improvements – Delphi only

    In 12.1, we added the ability to customize the behavior of specific keystrokes when code completion is shown, both when shown normally and when auto-invoked, as well as making auto-showing completion work smoothly. This will let customers configure completion to match your preferred behavior. We have also reworked auto-invoke and added a number of improvements to Delphi LSP overall.

    VCL and FireMonkey Quality – RAD Studio

    RAD Studio 12.1 has dozens of improvements to both the VCL and FireMonkey libraries, with specific focus on features introduced in RAd Studio 12.0. New foundation improves performance and quality in rendering graphics and UI controls across all target platforms.

    Data Access Quality and Supported Database – RAD Studio

    Besides a large number of improvements to the database libraries, the REST client library and other areas of the runtime library, FireDAC adds official support for Firebird version 5 and PostgreSQL version 16

    Contact Alfasoft today to get your 12.1 version of RAD Studio / Delphi /C++Builder.