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    Citavi Mit Web können Sie überall dort arbeiten, wo Sie Internet haben, auf jedem Betriebssystemstem, ob es Mac OS ist, Windows, oder Linux. Sie benötigen lediglich einen aktuellen Browser.

    What’s new?

    citavi web beta 1 knowledge en thumb
    In Citavi Web, the main features you know and love from Citavi for Windows are now online in a modern, intuitive interface: reference management, note-taking, outlining, and task planning.

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    Since project information is saved online, it’s easier than ever before to work in a team, whatever operating system your colleagues are using and wherever they’re located.

    citavi web beta 3 assistant en thumb
    Citavi Weboffesr compatibility with new add-ons for Word Online. Use the Citavi Assistant to stay organized and quickly insert citations and outlines, quotations, comments, images, and ideas. Citations and a bibliography are inserted automatically in the citation style you choose.

    citavi web beta 4 import en thumb
    Citavi Web has been designed for the online environment in an intuitive way. Easy to grasp, even when using Citavi for the first time.

    citavi web beta 5 texts en thumb

    On the go with only a tablet? Citavi Web supports touch so you can work with your projects if necessary, although you’ll still get the best experience on a larger screen.