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NVivo for Windows Licensing


    NVivo for Windows is offered in three different editions

    • Starter
    • Pro
    • Plus

    Furthermore you can buy a license for the educational sector or a standard license.
    If you need several licenses you may be interesetd in an Enterprice Site Agreement (ELA) which basically mean you lease the software at a very good price. A ELA drastically decrease the adminstrative time spent on licensing and also include upgardes.

    Technical support is always included in licenses sold by Alfasoft.

    Educational license

    If you’re a student, teacher or an academic who is learning, instructing or undertaking research at an educational institution such as a university or college (excluding teaching hospitals), then you may be eligible for educational pricing. You must be using QSR software for teaching or educational
    purposes only.

    Standard license

    If you belong to a non-educational institution standard pricing applies.