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Delphi 12.1 Athens

Delphi is the fastest way to build apps for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android.

Delphi is the nimble Object Pascal IDE and component library for cross-platform native application development you’ve come to expect. Write, compile, package and deploy enterprise-grade, cross-platform native applications with flexible cloud services and broad IoT connectivity from the first IDE with integrated Windows 10 Desktop Bridge packaging. Compile native applications for Linux and Windows servers and reach the widest audience with App Store support for Windows 11, macOS, iOS and Android – all from a single code base. Delphi delivers updated subscription customers, a new Linux compiler, and a host of community-voted feature requests and RTL improvements.

Delphi helps you:

  • Create fast native apps for Windows, Mac and mobile from one codebase
  • Windows and Linux server support
  • Build 64-bit Windows applications and parallelize existing code
  • Android 64-bit support for Delphi
  • Bind any control to other objects or datasets with LiveBindings
  • Get universal enterprise database connectivity with FireDAC
  • Modernize Windows applications with new components and styles
  • Extend Windows apps with mobile and wearable companion apps
  • Access cloud-based BaaS and REST services
  • Easily deploy stateless, restful, scalable, and secure turnkey middleware to mobilize Enterprise apps
  • Get a fast start and fast results

Fewer hours coding. Fast compiles. Easy to understand. Easy to maintain over and over.


About Delphi

Built to help you unleash the power of your dreams


Design Beautiful Desktop and Mobile App UIs with Delphi

  • Use Delphi’s award-winning VCL framework for Windows and the FireMonkey (FMX) visual framework for cross-platform responsive UIs
  • Enjoy the new high-DPI compatible IDE on 4k+ screens
  • Use VCL Styles at design time! Prototype stylish UIs even faster by seeing immediately at design time how your styled forms and controls will look when running.
  • FireMonkey design-time guidelines: Prototype faster with visual lines and enhanced margin and padding support
  • Multi-monitor and multi-window improvements: design and edit code for the same form at the same time in multiple windows
  • Rapidly design your master responsive UI layout once, then easily customize platform-and-device-specific views without duplicating design effort.
  • Use the visual design menu to drag easily and drop visual and non-visual components from the palette.
  • Connect user interface elements to data sources using the LiveBindings Designer
Design desktop and mobile apps with Delphi


Develop Faster and Smarter with Delphi

  • Utilize the powerful, versatile, easy-to-learn Object Pascal language and customize the IDE to meet your coding style.
  • Use Code Insight™ for code completion via a modern Language Server Protocol based on your code, while libraries help you code quickly and accurately.
  • Get hints and tips from inline documentation as you code
  • Keep development agile with the VCL designer, Agile refactoring and Live Templates.
  • Integrate with version control systems, including Git, Subversion and Mercurial.
  • Speed up slow compilations with optimised compilers for each platform.
Develop faster and smarter with Delphi


Debug Faster with RAD Studio’s Integrated Native Debugging

  • Add conditional breakpoints to quickly pause program execution at a specified location or when a particular condition occurs
  • Explore the entire call stack to trace the route the executing code took to reach its location
  • Inspect the current value of variables while your program pauses during debugging
  • Keep Code Insight code completion running while debugging
  • Debug on any device! Deploy your app to any iOS, Android, macOS, or Linux device and debug as if it were running locally.
  • Use breakpoints, stack exploration, tooltips and expression evaluation on local and remote machines with live debugging across all deployment platforms.
Debug faster


Compile and Deploy High-Performance Native Apps with Delphi

  • Provision your apps for Windows 11 with integrated MSIX support! Be ready for Microsoft’s new release.
  • Support for Microsoft’s WebView 2 control (Edge Chromium) in the WebBrowser component
  • Go from Ad Hoc to App Store fast. Rapidly produce application bundles that can be deployed to Windows Store, Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Compile for macOS (M-series Apple Silicon) and use the new universal package for AppStore submission. You can now compile for both existing Intel, and the new M-series macOS processors (Apple Silicon).
  • Compile for Android API 30! Android API and Libraries updated – API 30, Google Play V3, Android X. Keep current with the latest requirements for Android as the platform evolves. – This includes the latest billing API
  • Define files to deploy by platform and build configuration. Identify within each project the files to deploy based on the target platform (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux) and build configurations for Debug or Release.
  • Easily deploy files directly to Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Linux from the Delphi IDE.
Compile and deploy native apps


Improve the Quality of Your Code with Delphi

  • Find coding errors automatically and solve them with Fast Error Insight
  • RTL Quality focus: TZipFile, 64bit improvements for large data structures, Bluetooth LE Record Helper for TDateTime in System.DateUtils
  • Use built-in refactoring to streamline, simplify and improve both the performance and readability of your application code
  • Leverage well-tested and highly optimized cross-platform libraries to build better code fast
  • Build unit tests for all of your code using the integrated DUnit and DUnitX frameworks
  • Dive into your project without interrupting the application flow by adding live log-in with CodeSite Logging
  • Use Visual Studio Code to edit the Delphi source with full code completion
  • LSP awareness of Include files and auto-restart of LSP server
  • Auto code completion with Tab key
Improve your code quality with Delphi


Collaborate Better with Delphi Teamwork and Remote Desktop Features

  • Use enhanced Remote Desktop support (for VCL and IDE) to collaborate remotely with your team
  • Track and manage changes quickly using version control systems, including Subversion, Git and Mercurial repositories
  • Easily navigate changes and history using the history tab in the code viewer with the built-in difference viewer
  • Use RAD Studio command-line compilers ideal for quickly integrating into continuous build configurations using our support for MSBuild
Collaborate with Delphi teamwork


Extend the Delphi IDE with Hundreds of Components

  • Use GetIt Package Manager to rapidly improve the functionality of your applications by downloading and integrating new components.
  • Extend the IDE with tools and components from Embarcadero Technology Partners
  • Employ powerful integrated tools and components like Beyond Compare, FastReport, TeeChart, InterBase, IP*Works, and CodeSight!
  • Extend the IDE even further with add-ons and plugins from dozens of third parties and customize the IDE to work your way
Extend Delphi



Delphi 12.1 Now Available!

Embarcadero Technologies announces the General Availability of Delphi 12.1.

Delphi 12.1 primarily focus on improving the quality of the new features in RAD Studio 12, addressing regressions, and focusing on customer-reported issues.

New Features in Delphi 12.1

Split Editor Views in RAD Studio IDE

In RAD Studio 12.1, the IDE supports split editor views: multiple editors side by side, above and below each other. Split editors allow the same file to be edited next to itself, allowing you to edit the same file in multiple locations and to keep both a design and a code view on screen.

Android API Level 34 and Improved Deployment

RAD Studio 12.1 is updating the supported Android API to level 34. This has been done in advance of the August 2024 deadline for Google Play Store app submission, which will require API Level 34. This change required updates to the Android SDK, the introduction of some additional Android platform tools, an update of the Java runtime, and improvements to the app packaging process.

Quality Improvements in Delphi 12.1

Delphi LSP Quality and Improvements

In 12.1, we added the ability to customize the behavior of specific keystrokes when code completion is shown, both when shown normally and when auto-invoked, as well as making auto-showing completion work smoothly. This will let customers configure completion to match your preferred behavior. We have also reworked auto-invoke and added a number of improvements to Delphi LSP overall.

VCL and FireMonkey Quality

RAD Studio 12.1 has dozens of improvements to both the VCL and FireMonkey libraries, with specific focus on features introduced in RAd Studio 12.0. New foundation improves performance and quality in rendering graphics and UI controls across all target platforms.

Data Access Quality and Supported Database

Besides a large number of improvements to the database libraries, the REST client library and other areas of the runtime library, FireDAC adds official support for Firebird version 5 and PostgreSQL version 16

Contact Alfasoft today to get your 12.1 version of RAD Studio / Delphi /C++Builder.

What is new in Delphi 12

This is a summary of the key features introduces in Delphi 12. The following sections offer more details, but it’s good to start with a summary:

  • Delphi language additions including multiline string literals, to address some relevant customer requests
  • Skia support in FireMonkey, offering higher performance and quality in rendering graphics and UI controls across all target platforms, with the adoption of a new foundation for FireMonkey
  • A reworked MDI and a new tabbed UI architecture for VCL to help our customers modernize their existing applications, adding support for HighDPI and styling to existing programs with minimal effort on their side
  • A new FireDAC Query by Example (QBE) component for easier data filtering and a new JSON wizard for Delphi to add a mapping of the data in the popular JSON format to objects, like we have for XML
  • Many IDE productivity and quality improvements, to make it easier and faster to use RAD Studio for every day tasks
  • Support for smart IDs in RAD Server, to make customer’s hosted REST APIs more powerful and flexible, while maintaining RAD Server easy-of-use

Delphi 12 – New features deepdive

Delphi Additions

On the Delphi compiler side, 12.0 adds a few small but nice extensions, including the support for long string literals, multiline string literals, limited by triple quotes, to allow easier embedding of SQL, HTML, JSON, XML and similar multi line text within an application source code. You can read more about this feature in this preview blog post: https://blogs.embarcadero.com/yukon-beta-blog-delphi-language-modernizing-string-literals/. The Delphi 12 compiler also offers a weak type alias definition for NativeInt, for enhanced Win32/Win64 compatibility, better support for NaN floating point number comparisons, and the disabling of floating-point exceptions on all platforms.

screenshot 2023 11 06 at 10 36 43 pm

In terms of platform support, Delphi 12.0 offers compatibility for the Android API level 33, which is a Google requirement for the Play Store app submission.

FireMonkey and Skia as a New Foundation

In terms of UI libraries the most significant set of improvements in RAD Studio 12.0, for both Delphi and C++Builder, comes from the integration of the very popular cross platform rendering engine Skia, in FireMonkey. This is done by integrating the Skia4Delphi open source project, but also extending it with Vulkan support, support for effects and filters with the Skia Shading Language, a WebP Encoder, printer support, and printing to PDF. 

RAD Studio Skia support includes direct APIs, specific UI controls (TSkAnimatedImage, TSkLabel, TSkPaintBox, and TSkSvg), and the automatic mapping of FireMonkey UI controls UI rendering via Skia. In general terms, Skia improves the quality of the rendering and the performance. Notice that the same Skia UI controls are also available in the VCL windows library.

screenshot 2023 11 06 at 10 35 12 pm

Outside of Skia support, which offers a new solid foundation for the future of the library, we have improved our Android support matching many recent platform enhancements, added split screen support, to allow FireMonkey application to work in a side-by-side pane on both iOS and Android, and extensively  reworked the text input capabilities of the single-line TEdit and multi-line TMemo controls. 

Another significant improvement to the IDE, for FireMonkey development, is the introduction of a wizard to generate icons and splash screens at all of the resolutions, required by Apple and Google, starting from a single SVG image and the support for Android’s adaptive icons, as you can read in https://blogs.embarcadero.com/multi-device-icon-generator/

screenshot 2023 11 06 at 10 33 40 pm

VCL Modernization with MDI and Tabbed UI architecture

We have been doing VCL modernization work to help our customers migrate their existing applications (often very large and well established in their target industry). In 12.0 the focus is on keeping alive the old fashioned, but still popular, MDI (Windows’ Multi Document Interface) model. With the new release customers will be able to adopt full HighDPI support for MDI applications and also adopt VCL styles. We’ll allow our customers to bypass platform issues caused by the fact Microsoft has been neglecting support for MDI in recent years.

screenshot 2023 11 06 at 10 35 37 pm

In addition, RAD Studio 12.0 introduced a new tab-based UI (like the one from Google Chrome and many other popular apps) as an easy migration from MDI or a brand new model, with the new TFormTabsBar control. The VCL library has improvements in futons management for High DPI screens.

As part of the VCL improvements, the new release is introducing a number of new designers to help simplify the work: There is a new string list editor, a multiline string editor, and quick configuration dialogs for buttons, radio groups and panels. Some of these handy tools were originally part of KSVC (Konopka Signature VCL Controls) and are now available to anyone, even without installing this add-on control pack.

screenshot 2023 11 06 at 10 34 23 pm

Besides the core RTL definitions, we have created a new set of units with the complete Windows API headers converted to Object Pascal, to make it easier for Delphi developers to call any Windows platform API we don’t expose in our component libraries. This API conversion includes 311 Delphi header files with 41 MB of code, covering the entire platform API provided by Microsoft.

Additionally, we have improved the Edge browser integration with new interfaces, properties and events, matching the improvements to the platform WebView 2 control since our last release. Further improvements in the VCL with noticing are an extremely flexible TControl enumerator, Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) enhancements, and changes to Double Buffering mode.

New In Delphi RTL, Data, and Other Areas

There are many improvements in other Delphi core runtime libraries, leveraged also by C++ Builder. For our flagship database access library, FireDAC, we have added support for the classic QBE mode (Query-By-Example) which allows the development of a UI for entering simple data filtering criteria. 

In addition, FireDAC components offer some additional functionality to help developers improve their application security, by limiting the type of SQL commands for a specific query control, forbidding multiple commands, and blocking further SQL changes. These improvements offer developers the ability to improve the application security if used alongside other industry best practices.

RAD Studio 12.0 also introduces a new JSON mapping wizard, which can generate classes matching a JSON data structure and proper reading and writing code to read the JSON in a set of objects and stream it out to a new file. 

screenshot 2023 11 06 at 10 36 07 pm

RAD Studio IDE Improvements

There are many relevant changes in the IDE. 

The first is a new UX for the feature installer, used for the initial product installation or to add features and platforms later on. This dialog box has been completely redesigned in behaviour and in the UI, using modern VCL controls, which improves the first impression of the product for new users. It’s easier to use because all major installation options including extra addons are on one page, unlike the previous multi-step design. The new dialog also offers better error information, in case of installation problems.

screenshot 2023 11 06 at 10 49 13 pm

The IDE has now syntax highlighting in many secondary windows, like the call stack and structure view. There are also improvements in source code searches, in the way the navigation toolbar works, and in the use of multiple edit windows, plus many other small tweaks.

Besides the introduction of Visual Assist integration for C++Builder, we have also done further improvements in the DelphiLSP support used for Code Insight. For example, code completion now includes language keywords, and code templates are shown in contextually correct areas of code during completion, as well as having better support for generics and completing arrays or array types.

Finally, the RAD Studio further extends the new ToolsAPI for the code editor to let customers and third party vendors create more flexible plug-ins for our IDE.

RAD Server and InterBase

There are some notable improvements for RAD Server, our REST server API hosting platform. The most significant change is the ability to easily support a smart ID model, using a standard library to define better identifiers for resources exposed by the server. RAD Server also offers better performance, data paging improvements, better session authentication and overall quality.

Finally, the new version of RAD Studio includes the developer edition and the embedded versions of recently released InterBase 2020 Update 5.

Quality, Quality, Quality

In addition to the features highlighted above, the release has been focused on quality work in multiple subsystems, starting with the IDE, but including also the Delphi RTL libraries, the VCL UI library, the FireMonkey cross-platform library, FireDAC and other data access layers, HTTP client and server components and RAD Server.

In RAD Studio 12, we implemented fixes for 1,027 issues reported by customers on Quality Portal (quality.embarcadero.com), addressing 877 public bug reports and implementing 150 customer requests for new features.

Ready to Go

Product trials for RAD Studio, Delphi and C++Builder 12 are now available and the updated product builds are live in the online store. Customers on Update Subscription can download and install RAD Studio 12 today using their existing license and will receive an email announcing the new release availability. Downloads are available in the customers portal at https://my.embarcadero.com.

For more information, you can check the following links:


Delphi celebrates 29th anniversary

With the celebration of Delphi turning 29 we are running a special offer which includes the entire product line – Delphi, C++Builder, and RAD Studio with a great discount. Keep your eyes open for upcoming campaign.

RAD Studio version 12 was recently launched with hundreds of new features including:

  • Target the latest platform versions
  • Supercharge your productivity with Visual Assist integration for C++
  • Enable amazing graphics with SKIA for FMX
  • Modernize your apps with an updated VCL
  • And so much more…

Learn more about the new features on our RAD Studio product page.
Place your order in our webshop or by contacting Alfasoft.

You can purchase your Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio license in our webshop. You can also send your order as an email to info@alfasoft.com.



Delphi 12 Alexandria

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 1.8 GHz or faster processor
  • 3 GB of RAM. 8GB of RAM is recommended.
  • Between 6 GB and 60 GB of available disk space. Using an SSD is strongly recommended.
  • DirectX 11 capable video card that runs at 1440×900 vertical resolution screen is recommended.
  • Windows 10 Anniversary Edition is recommended and required for development for the Windows 10 store.

Operating System Requirements

  • Windows 10

You can also install RAD Studio on a virtual machine running one of the supported versions of Windows in a non-Windows environment (e.g., macOS). To develop FireMonkey projects, your virtualization software must provide direct access to the host GPU.

Requirements for Supported Target Platforms

64-bit Windows – PCs and tablets with Intel/AMD processors running any of the following versions of Windows

  • Windows 7 (SP1+)
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • A 64-bit 32-bit PC.

OS X – An Intel-based Mac with more than 2 GiB of RAM running any of the following versions of macOS:

  • OS X 10.15 Catalina
  • OS X 11 Big Sur

iOS – An iOS device running any of the following versions of iOS:

  • iOS 14

All requirements for macOS support

  • Xcode, version 10.12 or later.
  • Membership in the Apple Developer Program.

Android – An Android device that runs on Arch64 processors or ARMv7 processors with NEON support.

  • A 64-bit version of Windows for development.
  • Android phones and tablets running any of the following versions of Android:
  • Oreo (8.1)
  • Pie (9)
  • Android (10)
  • Android (11)

Linux (Delphi only) – 64-bit Linux running any of the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu Server (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)
  • Ubuntu Server (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS)
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux (version 8)
  • Windows 10 computer with WSL2 (Windows Subsystem for Linux)

The JRE is installed automatically if you choose to install support for the Android target platform.

The Delphi installation includes some additional software. Delphi also allows you to install other additional software after the installation. For details about additional software, see Third Party Software Add-Ins.

You must have .NET Framework 4.5 or later installed on your computer to successfully install C++Builder. If the installer cannot find .NET Framework 4.5 or later installed on your computer, it prompts you to download and install it to continue with the RAD Studio installation.


Delphi License Options

Delphi License Options Matrix
Delphi license options comparison matrix

See the Delphi full Feature Matrix for a more detailed comparison.


Delphi Support

It is possible to buy support and maintenance with all Embarcadero products. Embarcadero support and help can be found at the following links:

Alfsoft provides technical first-line support to all Embarcadero customers. Please describe your problem as detailed as possible when contacting our support. Remember to always inform about your product version and your operating system (both platform and version). You find instructions for support here (https://www.alfasoft.com/en/support.html).