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Call for Papers: Get accepted at the conference

Conferences are a good opportunity to present your own research results. The increased attention to one's own scientific context and networking with experts not only enhances one's own reputation but also that of the institution where research is conducted.Participation in conferences is often financially supported by the employer. Thus, the 'Call for Papers' is both an opportunity and a challenge.

We show you how to successfully master the individual application phases: abstract, poster, lecture, and contribution in the conference proceedings.


Abstract: follow the rules

  • Abstract
  • Building a successful abstract (IMRaD)
  • Content-rich scientific language

Your Poster must be an eyecatcher

  • Planning of the poster: chaff and wheat
  • Number and layout of references
  • Structure/visual representation with software support

Designing a lecture with conviction and content

  • Time limits
  • Structured structure of the presentation (Story Telling)
  • Avoid repetition (language versus Powerpoint slides)
  • Color/Design of the Powerpoint slides

Article in the conference proceedings

  • Select main message
  • Writing process (raw version and revision phases)
  • Structure of a chapter

The price includes a live session and a recording. We look forward to meeting you online.

The participation fee for the course is per participant is 150 Euro + VAT. (1500 SEK/NOK. 1100 DKK)

Arrangement oversigt

Start dato 20. Nov 2020, 10:00
Slut dato 20. Nov 2020, 12:00
Pris 150 Euro (1500 SEK/NOK)
Det foregår Online
Der kan ikke længere tilmeldes til dette arrangement