[12.Oct.2021] Work smarter, not harder with Mathcad 

Smarter not harder

Work smarter, not harder with Mathcad

Mathcad worksheet libraries contain prebuilt native Mathcad worksheets, that can be used as starting templates for solving certain types of problems, and as references for determining how to setup specific calculation scenarios in Mathcad.

Each worksheet library contains a collection of topics and each topic features a collection of worksheets.

With hundreds of various worksheets in the worksheet library, we are sure you will be able not only to get inspired, but also use premade worksheets in your daily work.

The extensive Worksheet Library, you can purchase is listed and linked below:

  • Mathcad Worksheet Library – Civil & Structural Engineering
  • Mathcad Worksheet Library – Electrical Engineering
  • Mathcad Worksheet Library – Mechanical Engineering
  • Roark’s Worksheet Library – 6th edition

But there are also some complimentary worksheets that one might find useful.

Descriptions and free download links are below:

Beams with Uniform Load and End MomentsBeams with Uniform Load and End Moments

This worksheet calculates the maximum positive bending moment, the maximum deflection, and the points of inflection for a beam with a uniformly distributed load and applied end moments.

Beams with uniform


Manufacturing Performance Curves in Mathcad

This worksheet discusses how the output of a manufacturing process can be sampled to control the quality of the items shipped and how this sampling can be performed by plotting three performance curves.

Manufacturing performance curves in Mathcad 


Finding the Shear Force and Bending Moment Along a Beam

This worksheet using Mathcad provides you with an example of how the shear force and the bending moment along a simply supported beam can be determined as a function of the distance from one end. 

Finding the shear force and bending moment along a beam  

Should you find any of the worksheets interesting, and need help with their use, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.