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The powerful and fast mathematical and statistical system


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An easy-to-use data analysis, mathematical and statistical environment based on the powerful, fast and efficient GAUSS Matrix Programming Language. GAUSS is used to solve real world problems and data analysis problems of exceptionally large scale.

Program development and program execution are FAST! The GAUSS Run-Time Module (GRTM) allows users to distribute GAUSS applications that they have written to people who do not have GAUSS. Developers distribute a compiled file to end users along with the GRTM. This is available with GAUSS at no extra charge.

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Environment for working with graphics and data visualization

GAUSS 14 - Grafisk redigeringsmiljø

Environment for programming and debugging

GAUSS 13 - Kildekode editor

New features

New features in GAUSS 18

GAUSS 18 - What's new Brochure (PDF)

GAUSS 18 has just been released (November 2017) with a lot of new functions and improvements. Here you can learn more about the new features in GAUSS 18:


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New features in GAUSS 17

GAUSS 17 has improved data handling, new graphics functionality and visualization, and new mathematical and statistical functions. Here is more about the new features in GAUSS 17:

Improved Data Handling

  • Option to specify models and data in terms of model variables. Simple to use. Consistent with other statistical packages. Well documented, and backwards compatible.
  • Support for HDF5 datasets. Unlimited dataset size. Fast data read and write. Supported as native GAUSS file type.
  • Use CSV, XLSX, HDF5 files as native GAUSS datasets.

gauss17 data handling 600

New Graphics Functionality

  • Support for LaTeX in titles, legends, axis labels and text boxes.
  • New functions: plotErrorBar and plotAddErrorBar: Create XY plots with user specified symmetrical or asymmetrical error bars. plotAddSurface: Adds a surface or plane to an existing surface plot. plotSetLegendFont: Controls the font family, size and color of the text in the legend. plotCDFEmpirical: Plots the empirical distribution function of an input vector or vectors.
  • Function enhancements: New color maps for surface and contour plots, make it easy to create professional and attractive 3-D graphics. Added option to place height on contour lines in plotContour. Added option to place colors at specific heights, rather than splitting the colors evenly for surface and contour plots. The terminal version of GAUSS, ‘tgauss’ and the GAUSS Engine can now create and save graphs on headless servers.
  • Graphics Editor now allows interactive control of: View angle, lighting and toggle the mesh in surface graphs. Extent of range of X and Y axes.

gauss17 graphics latex 600

New Mathematical and Statistical Functionality

  • New functions: cdfEmpirical: Computes the empirical cumulative distribution function. ldl: Computes and returns the ‘L’ and ‘D’ factors from a symmetric matrix. hypergeometric: Computes the hypergeometric function. powerm: Raises a matrix to a specified power. sylvester: Calculates the solution to the Sylvester matrix equation. rndWishartInv: Takes draws from the Inverse Wishart distribution. pdfWishart: Computes the probability density function of the Wishart distribution. norm: Computes the 2-norm, P-norm or Infinity norm of a matrix. dot: Computes the dot product for a vector or group of vectors.
  • Function enhancements: quantile/quantiled: Added option to specify the calculation method. glm: Added support for inverse Gaussian family and models without intercepts when estimating the parameters of the General Linear Model. schur: Added support for immediate return of complex form.
  • Function Speedups: X’X for large matrices is nearly twice as fast. sortc is much faster, especially for column vectors. Greatly improved speed of unique and uniquesa, especially when operating on string arrays. Linear solve, using the slash-operator ‘/’ for small matrices. Kronecker product ‘.*.’ is faster when one of the inputs is a column vector. crossprd is faster for case of fewer than 500 vectors. cdffc is 10-1000x faster when ‘d1’ parameter is equal to one. reclassify is much faster and uses less memory.

gauss17 graphics cdf 600

Other Enhancements

  • Improved tree view of data on the Data Page.
  • getorders and getdims now support matrices, strings and string arrays.
  • strsplit now supports multi-character delimiters.
  • New function strtrim removes white-space from the left and right side of a string or each element of a string array.
  • Bug fixes and more…

gauss17 graphics 3d 600



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New features in GAUSS 15

The new GAUSS 15 got new tools to facilitate efficient and more versatile annotation and customization of graphs, enriched project management, and an improved data editor.

New Tools for Graphics
New tools facilitate efficient and more versatile annotation and customization of graphs making production and replication of publication graphics easy. Add point labels, customize text boxes, control export settings, and save project-specific graph default preferences.

Nye grafiske verktøy i GAUSS 15


New Parallel for Loops
Single command parallel for looping yields increased looping speed.

gauss 15 Parallel for loop 420


Enriched Project Management
Enhanced interaction with system files allows you to rename and delete files from the file system, filter the file list, and perform quick searches for files in source paths and project folders.

GAUSS 15 - Find in folder


Improved Data Editor
New data editor structure makes viewing, editing, and interacting with data easier while using less memory. Work seamlessly and efficiently with large multidimensional data.

GAUSS 15 - Format data page


System Requirements

GAUSS Homepage 

System requirements (GAUSS and GAUSS Engine)

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 or newer (64-bit)
  • Linux Red Hat 6.X+/CentOS/Ubuntu (64-bit)
  • Mac OSX 10.9 or newer (64-bit)
  • Harddisk: 500 MB
  • RAM: 1 GB (4 GB recommended)

License options

  • Single user licenses
  • Floating network licenses
  • Student and class room licenses


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When contacting our support department please describe your problem as detailed as possible. Remember to always inform about the product version and what operating system you are using (platform and version).