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More than just a tool for organizing and managing data, NVivo offers an intuitive qualitative data analysis experience that helps you uncover deeper research insights.

Our world is exploding with data – text, videos, social media and more. Making sense of it without the right research tools is like looking for a needle in a haystack. See the big picture fast with NVivo, the most powerful software for gaining richer insights from qualitative and mixed-methods data.partnerlogo 2021Import – Organize – Explore – Connect

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It's NVivo. Reimagined.

Here's a first look at the new NVivo.


It’s Easy to Get Started with NVivoOnboarding caption 1

When you open NVivo, a quick tour gets you up to speed right away. Get started straight after the tour, and follow cues that support you to ‘import’, ‘organize’ and ‘explore’ your data with ease.








Intuitive captionThe Most Intuitive QDA Experience

Discover the most intuitive NVivo yet:

  • The navigation panel groups key tasks under ‘import’, ‘analyze’ and ‘explore’ to help guide you through your research process.
  • The ribbon is designed so you can easily and quickly find the features you need.
  • Create the thinking space you need by undocking the workspace to enlarge the screen you’re working on.
  • Explore your data using high quality charts and mapping tools, ideal for exporting and using in presentations.
  • Phrasing and terminology in the software aligns with contemporary research terms and trends.



Code Faster Than EverCoding caption

You told us coding is one of the most powerful features of NVivo, and now we’ve made it even more effective and efficient for you.

  • The most efficient coding: When working with text documents you can easily see all your codes, and conveniently drag and drop text to them in one view.
  • Superior readability with flexible coding stripes: view coding stripes horizontally, so they’re easier to read.
  • Track coding with ease: simply click on a coding stripe to view what you have coded. The color of the text highlighted matches the color of the coding stripe, for easy reading when viewing coding stripes.



0365 captionImport Common Data In A Few Clicks

Use Word or Excel to collect data, then in a few clicks, seamlessly send data to NVivo and immediately start your analysis. 

The NVivo-Integration allows you to add tags to note key points or themes within each document, along with a description, to organize and prepare your files for easy searching within NVivo. This time-saving functionality allows you to easily collect data on your preferred device, and import it in a few clicks so you can immediately start your analysis.

If you use the new NVivo on Microsoft Windows, you can also take advantage of instant imports from Microsoft Outlook to easily analyze data within emails.




Collaboration Made EasyCollab caption

NVivo Collaboration Cloud enables team members to share projects, no matter where in the world they may be working.

  • Simple user management: Easily manage user permissions based on the roles of each team member.
  • Collaborate through a familiar download/upload process: Download a project to begin work and make changes. Upon saving, upload into the Collaboration Workspace for the Workspace Manager to merge your contributions to the master project.
  • Work offline as required: Download your project to your computer or laptop, allowing you to work offline or back up your data. Your master project is saved in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere.



Server captionSophisticated User Management With Collaboration Server

Collaboration Server (formerly NVivo for Teams) features streamlined navigation in the administration portal, allowing you to securely and effortlessly manage team’s roles and permissions.






Work Smarter With NVivo

Enhance your research by adding on features, modules and learning journeys, as and when you need them.

To further your analysis, NVivo supports mobility and collaboration through cloud-based subscriptions and modules, offering flexibility and options to fit your needs. 

Take a learning journey to enhance your NVivo knowledge – whether it’s for individuals, teams, or organizations. From free online resources, onsite workshops and virtual coaching, you can learn more by contacting the team at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



News in NVivo 12

NVivo Transcription

60% of NVivo users are doing their own transcription, taking vital time away from data analysis and core research.

Now you can simply upload your audio file from NVivo 12 and let NVivo Transcription do the rest. With good quality audio, you can expect up to 90% accuracy and a file transcribed in a timespan of half the length of the audio. You can then make amendments, notes and tag speakers using a specialized editor and directly import transcribed files into NVivo 12.

Read more about NVivo Transcription

upload icon   auto transcribe icon    edit enrich icon

 1. Upload


 2. Auto transcribe


  3. Edit and enrich


Enhanced support for mixed methods analysis

Easily cross tabulate your data
View coding distribution across a population by cross tabulating theme nodes against cases, like people or places, and attributes like age or occupation, so you can quickly quantify coding data for comparison.

Cross Tab Mac      Cross Tab Windows

Quickly exchange data with SPSS
With NVivo 12 it’s easy to exchange data with SPSS.

SPSS Mac   SPSS Windows

View your data through different lenses
Easily visualize and understand cross tabulated data, and create a snapshot that can guide writing up findings.

 Visualize Mac     Visualize Windows

Redesigned NVivo 12 for Windows navigation

It’s more intuitive so you can focus on your research, not learning software.

Take advantage of a redesigned ribbon
Easily explore your data with commonly used commands at the front of the ribbon, simplified default tabs and new contextual tabs that show options relevant to what you’re working on.


Customize your view for quick access
Take control and pin your frequently used folders and items in navigation view for quick access to what you need.

Quick Access 1

Find items faster 
The Find bar is now easier to use and results are returned live while you type, so you can find things faster.

Find items faster 1 

Cleaner look and feel with more intuitive language 
The left-hand side navigation view is now cleaner, offers you more control and uses common words like Files and Codes, instead of terms like Sources and Nodes, helping new NVivo users get up and running faster.

Cleaner look and feel 1

News in NVivo 11

What´s new in Update 4

Manage your coding with codebook
This latest update lets you see a list all of your nodes and their descriptions. This way, you can review how your research is progressing, review early themes and evaluate your analysis.

Export a summary of your coding structure to Microsoft Word or Excel so that you can share it with others.


You can show nodes and sub-nodes within your project, their descriptions, a count of the coding references and the number of sources coded so that you can discuss and align coding practices with your team members or describe your coding methods with your supervisor.
Keep the codebook by your side as you code the source materials. This way you will remember your Nodes and never waste time wondering which node to use.

Explore your coding at the click of a button
When you’re looking at your nodes, get direct access to word clouds, charts and queries to explore your coding at the click of a button.
Now you can:

  • See if there is overlap with other themes
  • Find the most common words people are using to describe this theme
  • See what the broader context is
  • Find any commonalities or differences between the people who mention this theme

Simply open a node and select an option from the Node tab:
explore coding


Edit and produce high resolution charts
Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made charts even easier to work with. Whether it’s reviewing the coding in an interview or checking the demographic spread of research participants – charts give you a visual way to explore your data.
From a centralized Chart ribbon, you can now change the format and edit charts. You can also export charts at a higher resolution – so they look even better in reports and presentations.

high quality coding

What´s new in Update 3?

Research on-the-go with NVivo and OneNote
OneNote Online is an invaluable tool for taking notes, keeping to-do lists, recording interviews, and taking photos - whether you’re at your desk or out in the field. Now, with the latest update to NVivo, you can easily connect to your OneNote account and import the notes you want to work with into NVivo 11 for Windows.

Watch this short video to see how it works

Intuitive ways to code helps to make analysis easier
Coding is a fundamental task in NVivo – it helps you to generate new ideas from the data and gather material by topic.
Based on feedback from our NVivo community, we’ve simplified the process so that you can

  • Easily find coding options on the ribbon and right-click menu
  • Code at new or existing nodes with fewer clicks

See these improvements in action

What’s new in Update 2?

Streamlined survey imports

  • Faster Insights
    Use the Survey Import Wizard to move from survey import to querying and visualizing in a few clicks – that means less time setting-up and more time uncovering gems.

  • Edit after Import
    It's tricky to get your survey results into perfect working order before import into NVivo - after all, you're excited and itching to get started.
    That's why this update offers you the ability to make changes after import. For example, you can edit the wording of your questions or move columns around.

  • Ready, Set, Qualtrics
    Qualtrics is one of the market-leaders in online surveys. Use your Qualtrics account to bring your survey results directly into NVivo for analysis.

Visualize the results of automated insights analysis straight away

  • Auto code material as you import
    If you're using NVivo 11 Plus for Windows there's even more to get excited about. The import wizard can automatically code themes and sentiment in your open-ended survey responses.

  • Visualize automated theme and sentiment coding
    NVivo 11 Plus for Windows now gives you a new way to explore automated insights. If you've coded your material by theme or sentiment - you can see the results in a hierarchical chart. For example, take a look at a hierarchy chart based on sentiment analysis - you can quickly see the dominant sentiment (positive, negative or neutral) for each question in your survey.

  • Automated Insights just got smarter
    NVivo Plus can find and automatically code the themes in your research material and, if you're working in English, the latest update streamlines the process even further. NVivo will now merge sub-themes with stemmed forms (catching fish, fish catching, catch fish) so that you end-up with a tidy, more manageable list of themes.

Read the news in Update 2 in detail here


What’s new in Update 1?

Work with new data sources, gain fresh perspectives and get better results faster.

  • Discover new insight in your overflowing inbox by quickly and easily importing and analyzing emails within NVivo (NVivo 11 Pro for Windows and NVivo 11 Plus for Windows)

  • Get fresh perspective on your data with new and improved hierarchical charts (NVivo 11 Pro for Windows and NVivo 11 Plus for Windows)

  • Get even better results, faster with improvements to automated insights. You’ll be able to fine tune your analysis down to a single question within a survey, or focus only on the responses from interview transcripts. Exclude what’s irrelevant so you get more valuable results in minutes, not months. (NVivo 11 Plus for Windows)

  • NVivo 11 is now available in six new languages (French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese)



Import text, audio, video, emails, images, spreadsheets, online surveys, web content and social media from various sources into a simple, intuitive interface. Centralize data from multiple sources in order to conduct the most in-depth analysis possible.

NVivo import


Code your data in order to more quickly identify themes and trends. Organize the people, places, and core metrics of your analysis as cases. Link cases to attribute values such as age and gender to compare different groups in your data.

NVivo about organize


Ask complex questions to discover meaning in your data. Quickly visualize your data with word frequency charts, word clouds, comparison diagrams and many more. Look for emerging topics and sentiment using specific queries to identify themes and draw conclusions.

NVivo about explore


It's easy to import notes and data from Microsoft products such as Excel and Word. Plus, NVivo integrates easily with the programs you use every day. Leverage free integrations for apps like SurveyMonkey, EndNote, and more to centralize your research.

NVivo about connect stars qualtrics



Detailed features in NVivo for Windows

  • Import and analyze text, images, video, spreadsheets, online surveys, web and social media data in virtually any language.
  • Organize information using theme, case, in-vivo and relationship coding.
  • Save time by auto coding structured data, and using pattern-based auto coding to code large volumes of text quickly.
  • Use automated insights to automatically code text content by theme and sentiment.
  • Use framework analysis to condense large volumes of data into a summary of topics.
  • Keep track of thoughts and ideas with memos and annotations.
  • Visualize and share your data with a comprehensive suite of visualizations.
  • Ask questions of your data using powerful queries.
  • Discover influencers and study the information flow in a network using social network analysis.
  • Directly import surveys from SurveyMonkey via API.
  • Import and manage information from reference management software like EndNote, Zotero, Refworks and Mendeley.
  • Import from note-taking software OneNote and Evernote – import notes directly from Evernote via API.
  • Exchange data with quantitative analysis tools such as Excel, Access and IBM SPSS Statistics for mixed methods research.
  • Export items to easily share your data, analysis and findings.


Automate coding

Save time by automatically grouping information such as themes and positive or negative sentiment from large volumes of text in minutes. Develop preliminary results at the start of a project, or validate your thinking as you work. Teach NVivo how to code your data using pattern-based auto coding to automatically categorize and classify data.

Analyze social networks

Discover influencers and opinion leaders and study the information flow using Social Network Analysis. Automatically create sociogram visualizations to see network relationships and interactions, and use metrics to discover critical network roles like influencers, connectors and brokers. See who’s tweeting and re-tweeting who.

Enhanced data visualization

Visualize how a particular central person is connected to other people, and how those people are connected to each other with egocentric sociograms. See the connections, or lack of connections between a group of people with network sociograms. And visualize Twitter datasets to see networks of Twitter users and how they are connected with social media sociograms.

Easy to learn and to use

Only see tabs and commands when you need them using our redesigned navigation toolbar. Easily group project items according to research tasks using the Navigation View. Thanks to a streamlined layout, classifying your data and working with cases has never been easier.

Organize information automatically

Pin your frequently used folders and items in navigation view for quick access to what you need. Store your thinking in memos for faster, more transparent and reliable reporting. Use annotations to make notes as you work so you don’t lose ideas you might want to explore later.


Enhance your mixed methods analysis

Use crosstabs to analyze themes by one or two attributes – like age or occupation – or by cases for enhanced mixed methods research. Totals are automatically calculated and the results can be saved as a SPSS file (.sav) for further statistical analysis.

Ask questions of your data

Use queries to ask complex questions and identify new meaning in your data. Test ideas, explore patterns and see connections between themes, topics, people and places. Look for emerging themes, find words and discover concepts using text search and word frequency queries.


Visualize your research

Visualize your data with the most comprehensive range of visualizations: charts, mind maps, word clouds, explore, comparison diagrams and many more. When you’re ready to share your findings, it’s easy to export your visualizations into reports and presentations.


Import and share your findings

Import SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics surveys directly into NVivo. Import and share information from Microsoft Excel, IBM SPSS Statistics and reference management software. Order transcripts from NVivo which then sync with your other data. Import notes collected on-the-go from Evernote and OneNote.




NVivo is available as Single-User licenses as well as "Enterprise License Agreements (ELA). If you are 6 users or more an ELA is a suitable option.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you want to know more about ELA.

Single-User Pricing

Academic & Non-Profit

If you’re a teacher or an academic who is learning, instructing or undertaking research at an educational institution such as a university or college , then you are eligible for educational pricing. You must be using QSR software for teaching or educational purposes only. Registered charities also qualifies for Non-profit/Academic pricing.



If you are a Student and can provide a valid Student ID you can buy a 1-year license of NVivo at a heavily discounted price.

Single-User Pricing



Windows system requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • 2.0 GHz dual-core processor (64-bit)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 1680 x 1050 screen resolution
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Approximately 5 GB of available hard-disk space – or more depending on data storage needs

Recommended system requirements

  • 3.0 GHz quad-core processor or faster
  • 8 GB RAM or more
  • 1920 x 1080 screen resolution or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or later
  • Approximately 8 GB of available hard-disk space – or more depending on data storage needs
  • Internet connection
  • Internet Explorer 11, Google Chrome 44 or later

If you want to install and use NVivo's supplementary add-on, NCapture, you will also require either Internet Explorer 11, or Google Chrome 44 or later.  NOTE Windows Media Player is required to play audio and video files in NVivo.


Mac System requirements

Minimum system requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
  • Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 1280 x 800 screen resolution
  • 8GB SSD of available disk space—or more depending on data storage needs

Recommended system requirements

  • Mac computer with an Intel Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor
  • Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) or later
  • 8GB of RAM or more
  • 1440 x 900 screen resolution
  • 8GB SSD of available disk space—or more depending on data storage needs
  • Internet connection
  • Google Chrome (required for NCapture—a browser extension that allows you to gather material from the web)



We offer technical support for all our NVivo customers.

As a first step you should visit our support pages. Here you can find solutions for common issues as well as find many other useful resources.

If you cannot find the answer, please contact us using our support form.
Please state your support case as detailed as possible when you contact our support. Always remember to inform what product version you are using and what operating system (both platform and version).



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