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SYSTAT is a versatile and comprehensive statistical software package. It employs a staggering range of powerful techniques to help conduct many types of research.

Novice statistical users can use SYSTAT’s menu-driven interface to conduct simple analyses and produce beautiful 2D and 3D graphics for presentations or reports.

Those in need of advanced analysis can use SYSTAT’s more sophisticated statistical routings, and create plots and charts that are instantly ready for publication. SYSTAT’s menu and command interfaces are interlinked, allowing users the option of whichever method works best for them.

SYSTAT 13 is quicker, sturdier and more robust than any of its predecessors. Newly improved data handling functionality allows the software to process larger data sets, at speeds faster than ever before. Also, with the introduction of SYSTAT 13 you now can have the Add-on SYSTAT Exact Tests for those working with small sample sizes.

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PDF file with the new features - Download

Learn more about the new features in SYSTAT 13 here:


System requirements
Windows 32 bit 2000, XP or Vista
(Separate installer for Windows 98)
Pentium level 32 bit processor
(Seperate installer for 64 bit processor)
128 MB RAM (512 MB Recommended)
220 MB Hard Disk Space (including PDF Manuals – 85 MB)
CD-ROM Drive
SVGA/256 Color Graphic Adapter
Office 97 or higher (for Excel Integration, Paste to Powerpoint macro, and Insert Graphs into Word macro)
Internet Explorer 6 or higher

License options

  • Single user
  • Floating (SIMUS) Network
  • Volume license
  • Site license

Perpetual (with maintenance) or annual (rental) licenses for all license options except singleuser.

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We provide technical support for all our customers of SYSTAT.

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