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RAD Studio 12 is here!

    We are very excited to announce the release of RAD Studio 12 Athens, along with Delphi 12 and C++Builder 12. The RAD Studio 12 Athens release is packed with exciting new features that are laying the foundation for the future of the product.

    Key New Features in RAD Studio 12

    Visual Assist Integration for C++Builder IDE
    Visual Assist integration provides best-in-class code completion, code navigation and rename refactoring for C++ code; an amazing productivity boost

    Target The Latest Platform Versions!
    RAD Studio 12 offers official Delphi support for iOS 17, Android 13, and macOS Ventura. RAD Studio 12 also supports Ubuntu 22 LTS and Windows Server 2023.

    Multiline String Literals for Delphi Source Code
    Multiline string literals enable easier embedding of SQL, HTML, JSON, XML multi-line text within an application source code

    SKIA Support for UI Design in FireMonkey
    New foundation improves performance and quality in rendering graphics and UI controls across all target platforms

    Improved Mobile Design with FireMonkey Enhancements
    Improvements to Android platform support, split-screen iOS and Android panes, full-set icon and splash screen wizard, support for Android API level 33

    Modernized VCL with Reworked MDI and Tabbed UI for VCL
    Improved application modernization with support for HighDPI and new VCL designers originating from Konopka Signature VCL Controls

    More Windows APIs Ready to Use in in Object Pascal
    Comprehensive set of all Windows API headers converted to Object Pascal, to make it easier for Delphi developers to call any Windows platform API

    Modernized C++ Compilers and Toolchain
    Preview of the new CLANG-based C++ compiler for Win64, supporting the latest C++ standards, integrating better with external libraries and C++ code

    QBE Support in FireDAC, New JSON Wizard for Delphi
    Query-by-Example available in FireDAC. JSON data mapping wizard to generate classes matching JSON data structure, map data to objects like XML and stream out to new file

    Improved Application Security Through SQL Restrictions
    Deeper application security through restrictions on SQL commands, blocks on multiple commands and SQL changes

    Support for Smart IDs in RAD Server
    More powerful and flexible hosted REST APIs with new smart IDs (Sqids). Better performance, data paging improvements, better session authentication.

    Buy your RAD Studio 12 license today! Contact Alfasoft for more information.