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The Perfect Guide to Enterprise Resilience Framework

    What exactly is a resilient business? To some extent, we’ve all demonstrated our toughness: we’ve survived a huge disruption in business operations while numerous others haven’t.

    Many enterprises’ crisis management methods were put to the test in 2020. They’ve had to make fundamental, disruptive, and quick changes to their operations, working processes, and consumer interactions. The epidemic whittled down years and months of corporate resilience planning into weeks, if not days.

    While the pandemic’s economic effect has put business continuity, resilience, and security to the test throughout the world, there is always more that can—and should—be done.

    In this whitepaper, we’ll discuss what business resilience looks like in today’s environment and give you some tips on how to make your company more robust.

    • Why Resilience Is Important for Enterprises
    • The Challenge of Measuring and Managing Resilience in Enterprises
    • Building Resilient Enterprises
    • The Benefits of Resilience for Enterprises
    • How to Become a More Resilient Enterprise
    • JavaScript Frameworks’ Assistance in Achieving Resilience
    • How to Select the Best Enterprise JavaScript Framework for Your Business to Become More Resilient
    • Why Top Enterprises Adopt Ext JS to Become More Resilient
    • Conclusion

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