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Alfasoftin uutiset ja artikkelit

    Delphi/C++Builder/RAD Studio Upgrade campaign

    Start the summer season with a big discount and huge savings on new and upgrade licenses through the month of June! Upgrade to version 12.1 and receive 30% discount until 30 June 20241! The campaign cover upgrade for RAD Studio/Delphi/C++Builder and all editions including Professional, Enterprise and Architect. The near-100% backward and forward compatibility of…

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    Interbase 2020.6 is here

    Embarcadero has just rolled out InterBase 2020 Update 6. This update brings several enhancements to improve usability and overall quality. What is InterBase? InterBase is a high-performance, encryptable multi-platform and scalable relational SQL database for developers to embed into their Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android connected applications. What’s new in InterBase? IBConsole UX Improvements:…

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    Visual Assist 2024.3 is launched

    Visual Assist from Whole Tomato har just released version 2024.3! More performance coming your way! Visual Assist 2024.3 brings dramatic improvements to the performance of Find References. Our tests show that a query that usually takes 38 minutes using default Find References, now only takes about 5 minutes in Visual Assist 2024.3. Consequently, this also…

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    Sencha Ext JS 7.8 has arrived!

    We are pleased to announce the latest Ext JS version 7.8 release, which included numerous quality enhancements in Ext JS for Modern and Classic Toolkits for customer requests focused on Grid, Timefield, Chart, TreePanel and much more. Ext JS 7.8 includes Froala as a new feature for the classic toolkit, improvements to CheckBox, Grid and…

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    Päivitys: EndNote 21.3 on julkaistu!

    [8th May 2024] EndNote 21.3 for Windows and macOS is now live and available for users! This release includes the following improvements: New “Primary Duplicates” option to choose Oldest, Newest, or Most Complete references as the default to retain More robust local .ENL file library backup and recovery Multiple improvements to Sync process Various bug…

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    XLSTAT Releases New Version

    Improved User Experience and Advanced Features XLSTAT, a powerful statistics software integrating with Microsoft Excel, has released a new version designed to provide a smarter, better, and faster user experience. The new version boasts an improved navigation ribbon, faster software speed, easy access to analyses and resources, and customizable software launch preferences. Enhanced User Experience…

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