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Better Together: NVivo 14 Integrated with Citavi

    Better Together: NVivo 14 Integrated with Citavi

    Citavi is the only all-in-one reference and knowledge management tool.

    With Citavi, you not only manage your reference data but also create outlines for drafts and report writing, articles or books. This is now faster and more efficient than you ever thought possible. Citavi provides a springboard for your literature research and corresponding data – highlighting synthesis points and ultimately expediting the publishing process.

    NVivo 14 is the most cited research tool for qualitative research and introduces real-time collaboration in research and analysis across teams and operating systems.

    Now, NVivo 14 has also introduced integration with Citavi.
    This integration means your captured reference data can now be imported and analysed in NVivo. Everything is correlated with a simple connection of your projects, reducing duplication of effort between the two tools. Once the data is in Citavi, you can use the NVivo query engine and visualisations to dig deeper into your findings.

    But how?

    In Citavi, you will find the “Share with NVivo” button to share your cloud projects from Citavi Web or Citavi Desktop. In NVivo 14, the “Add from Citavi“ button allows you to include references and related source files from Citavi to NVivo.

    Some benefits of the integration between Citavi and NVivo

    • All the categories and sub-categories from Citavi are imported as codes and sub-codes, retaining the original hierarchy and sorted as per the original order in Citavi.
    • In NVivo, references, either with or without PDFs, are saved in the folder Files/References.
    • Direct quotations linked to a Knowledge Organiser category are coded to the relevant code in NVivo.
    • The abstract text from Citavi Overview/Abstract is also imported into NVivo, and any Direct Quotations with their user-generated core statements.